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A Quick Guide to Two-way Zippers

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A Quick Guide to Two-way Zippers

Zippers have a wide range of applications in our everyday life. The zippers and the minor incidents they caused are both like sunshine and water now in our life. Some say these tiny things are better invention than buttons.

As common and simple the zippers might look, their manufacturing process involve a large amount of professional practice. Furthermore, the production process and categories of zipper is involving constantly due to the development of new technology and the need of different group of people are being noticed. This particular article is going to introduce to you the definition and applications of the two-way zippers.

Two-way zipper refers to a zipper with two sliders, which can be opened and closed freely in two directions. The stopper can be located anywhere on the zipper, but is usually located at the end of the zipper, especially in items such as bags and suitcases.

Classification of two-way zipper

The two-way zipper is divided into a double closed zipper and a double open zipper. Different types of two-way zippers can be distinguished according to the direction of the slider.

Classification of two-way closed-end O-type zipper two-way zipper

The two sliders on the two-way closing O-shaped zipper run opposite each other, and the front ends of the sliders touch each other when the zipper is closed. To open this kind of zipper, the two sliders need to be pulled from the middle to the stoppers at both ends of the zipper.

Two-way closed tail X-shaped zipper

The two sliders of the two-way closed-end X-shaped zipper run toward each other, and when the zipper is closed, the two sliders are located at both ends of the zipper. Unlike O-shaped zipper, opening X-shaped zipper requires two sliders to be pulled together.

Two-way open zipper

The two-way open-end zipper is similar to the two-way closed-end X type in that the two sliders run toward each other. When the zipper is closed, the two sliders are located at both ends of the zipper. The difference is that one end of the double-opening zipper uses a pin design, which can separate the two sides of the zipper to completely separate.

Application of two-way zipper

Two-way closed-end O-shaped zipper and two-way closed-end X-shaped zipper are usually used in clothing pockets, handbags, suitcases and backpacks and other products that need to be completely closed.

The double-opening zipper is suitable for outdoor products such as jackets, coats, raincoats, sportswear, sleeping bags, etc., especially long-length clothing.

Advantages of two-way zipper

So, why on earth do anyone need two-way zippers? Their functions are the same as ordinary zippers, right? They are not. It is true that the two-way zipper has the same function as the ordinary zipper, and both have the opening and closing function, but the two-way zipper has some advantages that the ordinary zipper does not have.

For clothes, the two-way open-end zipper can be used more conveniently to adjust the comfort of a jacket or jacket, and to adjust the opening and closing degree of clothes from two directions more freely.

For backpacks, especially mountaineering bags, the two-way closed-end zipper can be easily used on either side of the backpack.

For luggage, if the box is full of luggage, it will be easier to close the zipper from both sides.

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