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A general guidance for zipper choosing

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A general guidance for zipper choosing

Zippers are important accessories for clothing, shoes, bags and other products. Although they look inconspicuous, they are very important for products that need to install zippers. And it is indispensable in our daily lives. For a piece of clothing or a bag, if the zipper is broken, its use function will be greatly reduced, and even its function will be lost. Therefore, the quality of zipper will directly affect the use function and comfort of the product. Then how to choose zippers? Let us get to know together.

Introduction of zippers

Zippers are a kind of product that replaces the function of openings or ropes installed on clothing, shoes, bags and other daily necessities. We take clothing for instance.  Some jeans and jackets must have zippers. At present, zippers on the market can basically be divided into durable metal zippers, beautiful plastic zippers and cheap nylon zippers according to their materials. And zippers of different materials will be installed on different types of products.

Though different zippers have different production processes, the basic structure and function of zipper are still roughly the same. Among the above-mentioned three kinds of zipper, versatile nylon zipper is the one with the lowest production cost, the largest output and the most widely used zipper. Although the zipper looks more common, its composition is not simple. And shiny metal zipper is the earliest zipper invented and metal zipper price is more expensive.

Selection of zippers

There are many components that make up a zipper, including cloth tape, ribs, chain teeth, core wire, chain belt, upper stop, bottom stop, latch, slider, etc. The difference of zippers is mainly reflected in the slider, chain teeth and chain belt, and the materials of the other parts are roughly the same. Nylon zippers are widely used in clothing, quilt covers, pillowcases and other products. Compared with zippers of other materials, practical nylon zipper has low hardness and high comfort, and is suitable for installation on personal clothing. Metal zipper is comparatively durable, and looks upscale. It is made of different metals such as copper, aluminum and cupronickel etc. it is stronger and mostly used on jeans, jackets and bags. For colorful plastic zipper, it is made of high-performance resin, so it is also called resin zipper. It is flexible and colorful. You may find it on some apparels and handbags, since it can be dyed to match different colors of garments.

At present, zippers on the market can be divided into closed-end zippers, open-end zippers, double-closed zippers, and double-open-end zippers according to different structures. For nylon zipper, it is made of nylon monofilament by heating and pressing the film around the center line, which is completely different from metal zippers. So, the strength of nylon zippers is not as strong as that of metal zippers, it should not be used too much. For luxury metal zippers, it is less flexible since it is made of metals. When selecting, you may choose different styles and types according to your practical requirements.

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