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Couple of Methods to Care for Your Zippers

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Couple of Methods to Care for Your Zippers

Different types of zippers has different advantages and dis advantages. Take metal zippers for instance, they are more sticky than other materials, which means that they cannot withstand horizontal tension like coil zippers. But it also makes metal zippers more durable than other zippers such as plastic zippers. The zipper price, of course, is higher.

Do not force it

While most people’s first reaction to a slider that won’t open or close properly is to forcefully tug on it, this usually does more harm than good. Zipping up a bag that is overfilled puts a lot of pressure on the elements. This excess pressure might cause zippers to come off the track. Once this happens, the only remedy is to replace the whole thing and sew a new zipper. But the way of prevent  fixing a broken zipper is simple: the two elements should only be closed if they are near each other so that the slider can move smoothly.

A stuck slider will get more stuck if people try to move them by brute force, especially if it has trapped fabric threads or has already bitten deeply through cloth. To avoid further aggravating the situation, it’s best to pull the slider back with as little force as possible, then gently remove the offending pieces of thread or fabric.

The proper way to take care of this problem is to first handle a lubricating spray to the front and back sides of the elements. After applying and working in the lubrication, the slider should now be able to close and open effortlessly.

Clean it

A stuck zipper is usually caused by dirt and salt. So regular cleanse can be of great help of preventing a stuck zipper and deterioration of the zipper. And make it a habit that apply a zipper lubrication after cleaning. Lubricating your zippers can help to keep it in great condition.

Fasten it

Put on or remove clothes only after the zipper has been fully opened. When closing the zipper, make sure that the hook or top button is fastened securely. Also it’s important to note that zippers should always be zipped wholly and not just midway, otherwise, the elements, bottom stop, or the slider itself will become extremely prone to pressure and damage.

Ironing With Zippers

As a rule of thumb, always iron with the proper heat that is suitable for the fabric or cloth that is being ironed. This does not just go for clothes, it’s also applicable to zippers too. Make sure that you know the kind of material that your zipper is made of, so that the right level of heat can be used.

For effective ironing, zippers should always be closed with the slider fixed in the proper position. The zipper itself should be covered with a piece of cloth, no matter what kind of fabric or material it is attached to. This is to prevent the heat from causing direct damage to the elements, the slider, and the tape.

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