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Daily protection of zippers during the ironing process

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Daily protection of zippers during the ironing process

The zippers serve as a functional and decorative portion of a myriad of items. However, small but devastating incidents could happen if the zippers on the garment are not taking good care of. Imagine the scene when a stunning movie star emptied due to the zipper poorly function. This malfuctioning is possibly led by wrongly operation during daily ironing.

Let us first take a quick glance at some of the bad impacts on the zippers or zipper accessories during the ironing process when it is not performed in a proper way.

Zippers will experience a certain leverage of shrinking during the ironing operation. This is an acceptable phenomenon in the global zipper manufacturing industry. However, these zippers will curve if they are subjected to high-temperature heating and the zipper teeth will abare and get out of shape.

The protective substance on the surface of the metal zipper elements will melt when subjected to high-temperature ironing, leaving blemish on the fabric.

The oxidation layer of metal zippers will stain the light colored fabrics they are attached to if a piece of cloth is not placed between the zipper and fabric before ironing.

The reflective strip of reflective coil zippers will get wrinkled when heated if it comes into direct contact with the iron and is subjected to such high temperature that exceeds 100℃.

The waterproof membrane of waterproof zippers will melt/bubble and break/fall off when it is subjected to direct ironing and such high temperature that exceeds 150℃.

Direct contact with the spray painted zipper sliders when ironing will cause their painting layer to peel off.

Direct contact with the electroplated zipper sliders when ironing will bring damage to the protective layer on the surface and cause it to fall off and blanch.

Ironing close to the zipper sliders will cause them to break due to the excessive ironing pressure applied.

Direct contact with the plastic zipper pullers when ironing can lead to local overheating, which in turn can result in the deformation of the zipper pullers and cause the characters imprinted on them via such technique as silk printing to come off.

Tips for proper ironing

First of all, the washing and ironing tips printed on the care label of your garment is the most precise instructions to follow, please do remember reading them before doing anything to your garment, especially those expensive ones.

Other than that, ironing with the proper heat is not just cautions for the zipper but is also applicable to the zipper accessories. The ironing temperature varies from one zipper to another, dependent on the zipper making material. For example, the heat resistance of plastic zippers and coil zippers differs, reaching 130 ℃ and 150℃ respectively.

Do avoid direct contact with the zipper or zipper parts when ironing, irrespective of the ironing temperature or heat resistance of the manufacturing material. Zip up a zipper with the puller laid down and fixed in a proper position and place it on a horizontal surface. Then cover the zipper with a piece of cloth and ensure the ironing duration is shorter than 5 seconds.

For metal zipper teeth whose surface is lubricated with a layer of paraffin that is applied to facilitate sliding, place a piece of paper between the zipper teeth and fabric to prevent the melting of the paraffin layer due to high-temperature heating from transferring to the fabric and leaving stains. This is also applicable for the molded plastic zipper elements and coil zipper elements, which can get melted as well if they are not covered with a piece of cloth before ironing.

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