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Do You Know the Difference Between Zippers?

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Do You Know the Difference Between Zippers?

Small zipper products are commonly used in our daily lives, and there are different styles and types for people to choose on market. But do you know the difference between zippers? How to choose the suitable one when using? In this article, we will tell you the difference between zippers.

Generally, at zipper factory, zippers can be divided into three categories according to the material, which are metal zippers, plastic zippers, and nylon zippers. Now let us take a look them separately.  

Metal zipper

Seen from the name, we can know that metal zippers are easy to differentiate with other two kinds due to its metal material such as brass, antique brass, nickel, antique nickel, gun metal, copper and aluminum etc. Usually the metal zipper teeth are discharged through the threading machine with copper or aluminum wire. It is widely used on many fields such as handbag, clothing and coveralls etc., especially various Jeans due to its firm and durable, and it can withstand the brutal washes. Of course, there are luxury metal zippers as well, which have a high polish and high sine on the surface. The special finish process makes it smooth and beautiful. Nowadays, it is often used on expensive items, such as coats, bags and on, since it looks more exquisite. It is also an icon of fashion.

Nylon zipper

Nylon coil zipper is made just as its name. The nylon zipper teeth are made of nylon monofilament through heating and pressing composed of die winding centerline. Compared with metal zippers and plastic zippers, nylon zippers have the characteristics of low cost, large output and high penetration rate, since the material of nylon zipper is mainly polyester, which is relatively cheap. So, it is also a kind of zipper that people would like to choose on market. The commonly used sliders are painted, and sometimes electroplated. Nylon zippers can be used in various occasions, but generally it is widely used on sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, backpacks, suit cases, and camping apparel such as tents etc. On market, you can easily find this kind of zippers.

The construction of the nylon coil zipper makes it itself have a strong horizontal strength. If your luggage is nylon zipper, sometimes you stuff your luggage a bit too much, which will make the zipper of suit case exploding. There is one advantage is that it is easy to repair if the teeth get out of alignment. And even its nylon monofilament can be automatically fixed by opening and closing itself past the point where the tooth is misaligned. In addition, the sliders can be put on either direction of the zipper chain and are still function.

Plastic zipper

Its material is plastic, which also has low cost. The plastic zipper teeth are made of polyester plastic rice through dye color matching and discharged through the injection molding machine. This kind of zipper has a lot of colors for choice, which can easily match the color of items. You may choose according to your requirements.

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