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Do you know how to choose a zipper by slider and chain teeth?

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Do you know how to choose a zipper by slider and chain teeth?

In our daily life, we will use a lot of zippers. So how to choose the correct zippers has become a big problem for people. When you are buying a zipper, first of all, you need to pay more attention to the slider, because they will not be able to be used normally in an incorrect place. You must understand it enough before you can pick the slider you need. The slider is a moving part that allows the sprocket to close and separate. According to the type of zipper, sliders can be divided into tight nylon zipper sliders, metal sliders, and plastic sliders.

The top and bottom of the slider of the nylon coil zippers are asymmetrical, and the top is flatter, but the top and bottom of the slider of the metal and plastic zippers are symmetrical. According to the function of the locking system, sliders can be divided into self-locking sliders, semi-self-locking sliders, and non-locking sliders. The self-locking slider has a small locking mechanism that can hold the slider without pulling the pull tab. If the chain belt is separated by an external force, this locking mechanism can prevent the slider from moving. On the contrary, the non-locking slider can separate the large metal zipper by pulling any part of the nylon coil zipper slider, and even pulling the chain strap can separate the zipper. If you need to be able to open the chunky metal zipper quickly, then this zipper is your best choice. The locking and unlocking of the semi-automatic locking slider depend on the movement of the slider. Both locking and non-locking metal teeth zippers can use nylon, resin, and metal elements. When you choose a slider, make sure it is compatible with the size and type of the chain.

Secondly, you can also choose according to the type of sprocket, namely nylon, metal, and resin.

Resin zipper is a chain tooth made of acetal resin, which is very strong and is often used on sails. Nylon zippers are plastic chain teeth sewn on the side straps with nylon thread. Nylon zippers are stronger and more flexible than resin zippers. The teeth of the metal zipper are made of polished metal and fixed on the chain strap. It is the best choice for bags.

Finally, let's take a look at continuous zippers and finished zippers.

Finished zippers are sometimes called "jacket zippers" because they are often used on jackets. One end of the chain belt has a smart socket and a metal zipper insertion pin, the other end has a stopper, and of course a pull head. Continuous stainless steel zippers do not have start sockets and stoppers and are generally sewn into the ends of objects, such as tents or cushions. This kind of zipper does not have a slider. You must purchase one separately and add it to the chain. You can also add a stopper to the chain to prevent the slider from falling off the end of the chain.

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