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General Guide on Choosing Zipper

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General Guide on Choosing Zipper

People need to carry some basic necessities when they go out, and a suitable backpack will be particularly important. A good quality backpack will be able to accompany people for many years. When looking for a good quality backpack, the key factor is the zipper of the backpack. The useful life of a backpack usually depends on its zipper. If there is a broken zipper, the backpack will be useless. The following will focus on how to select and maintain backpack zippers.

The construction of zippers

Let’s start with a basic breakdown of zipper construction. A zipper is essentially two strips of nylon tape held together by a chain made of interlocking teeth. To open or close the chain, there’s a pull tab/slider. At the top and bottom of the chain, there’s a “stop” that keeps the slider from going off the chain. There’s often a small extension of tape at the top and bottom of the zipper.

Types of zippers

You may have noticed that there are lots of variations of zippers. They are often broken down into apparel, craft, and décor zippers, but there’s a lot of overlap. Just because a zipper is labeled a craft zipper doesn’t mean it can’t be used for apparel, and vice versa. Instead I’ll categorize zippers based on stop type, chain type, and length.

At the bottom of a zipper, you’ll find a stop that keeps the slider from going off the zipper. This is either an open end stop or a closed end stop. Open end stops allow the zipper to be opened while keeping the slider on one end of the zipper. If you’re making a sweatshirt or jacket, you’ll want an open ended stop so the front of the garment can be opened. If you’re making a zipper pouch, or a box cushion, you may want a closed end zipper.

Holding the nylon tape strips together are rows of teeth that interlock to create a chain. There are 3 types of chains: coil, vislon, and metal. Coil chains have small teeth and are generally the most flexible. Vislon chains are also plastic with larger teeth, less flexibility, and more durability. Metal chains have metal teeth (shocking!) and are strong and durable.

Choosing the right zipper

Still not sure which type of zipper to use? Here are a few rules of thumb:

For craft projects (like this tablet case), use a closed end coil chain. They’re light and flexible.

For apparel, use metal or vislon chains for zippers that will be exposed to the elements. Use open ended stops for jackets and sweatshirts. For partial zip-ups (like this blouse), coil chains will work and probably look the best.

For upholstery décor projects (like this box cushion), a metal chain is best for cushions that will see a lot of wear or will be zipped and unzipped a lot. For pillow covers (like this quilted pillow), a coil chain will work fine.

Again, there’s a lot of overlap and these aren’t “rules” but rather “guidelines”. Choose your zipper based on the length, color, flexibility, and durability that you’re looking for.

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