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Guidance on rusty jean zippers solution

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Guidance on rusty jean zippers solution

Zippers have a wide range of applications in our everyday life. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, we don’t want a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement. Luggage zippers are much likewise. If the zipper is broken, right this moment, no matter how beautiful the luggage bag looks, it will be useless. And you will only be more embarrassed with things in it scattered around. The zippers and the minor incidents they caused are both like sunshine and water now in our life. Today we will help you to solve a rather annoying one. The one of the most troublesome incidents you can encounter everyday is a rusted jeans zipper that you want to keep the cloth but the rusty zipper keeps causing you embarrassment. Here are a few tips that should help you out if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance.

As we know, metal zippers are the ultimate choice for jeans due to their durability. Nevertheless, metal zippers are possible to make wearers get into trouble when they rust or blacken because of improper storage or frequent use.

Here are some of tips to solve rusted or blackened metal zippers of jeans.

One of the most embarrassed things that is able to derail your day is the rusted zippers which will make you have a lot of trouble in putting on or taking off your jeans. But there is no need for throwing away the whole jeans. Surprisingly, there are some simple home remedies which can help to solve the problem easily.

It is a bar of soap that plays a key role in fixing rusted zippers. Rub the rusted teeth from the top to the bottom repeatedly without worrying about the soap blocking the gap of zipper teeth. Then, zip jeans zippers two or three times when it feels slippery and the rust or blackness fades away.  Except for rubbing teeth with soap, wiping out the rust by vinegar and lubricating the teeth by  pencil graphite also work when you encounter a rusted zipper problem.

However, obviously, prevention is much better than cure in term of effect. Before they get rusty, metal zippers can be smeared with transparent nail polish, which protects zippers and makes teeth bright. Moreover, frequently using lubricant or soap to wipe metal zippers not only can prevent them from rusting, but also can keep them flexible, extending the service life and maintaining good appearance.

In addition to adding a protective layer to zipper surface, proper storage is necessary as well. Jeans had better be kept in dry places to avoid getting rusty or black because copper jeans zippers are more vulnerable to corrosion. Meanwhile jeans should stay away from alkaline and acidic substances.

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