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How Fashion Designers and Clothiers Choose the Zippers for Clothes?

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How Fashion Designers and Clothiers Choose the Zippers for Clothes?

Usually if the small accessories can go with the beautiful clothes, apparel, bags or other products, the whole design is perfect. As one of small accessories, practical zipper products often are used on different bags, clothes and shoes. It might be a trivial work for most of fashion designers and clothiers when they choose the suitable zipper for bags or clothes they designed. But the selection of the best fitting and matching zipper is also an indispensable and important work in order to go with fabric, a bag or even a shoe. Sometimes they will be confused about lots of things, such as the color, the length, the type and the brand to go with etc., because customers always hope that the small zipper product is stylish, beautiful and durable. And it has good quality. Then how fashion designers and clothiers choose the zippers for clothes?

What products the zipper will be used for?

First of all, you should know clearly what products the zipper will be used for. We know that the zippers for coats are definitely different from the zippers for skirts, though they all belong to clothes. And there are so many different types of zippers on markets, which can be used for covers, pillows, luggage, shoes, tents, bags etc. You need to consider where to find them, so that you can lower the chance of being overwhelmed when buying. What is more, you had better know some related knowledge about zippers for easy to choose.

What type of zipper you need?

Generally speaking, according to the material, zipper can be mainly divided into nylon, resin and metal. Each has different classifications. For example, for nylon zipper, it can be divided into invisible zipper, double bone zipper, woven zipper, waterproof zipper, reverse zipper, etc. Usually the invisible zipper can be used for skirts. And metal materials include aluminum, copper or brass, cupronickel, bronze and so on, which can be widely used on different fields. And each type has different varieties, specifications and structures. Of course, you may inquiry the manufacturers if you don’t know more about it before choosing.

What size and teeth you should choose?

Before you purchase, you must know the size and the style you will use in order to choose the best zipper, which will help you narrow the searching range to find the right zipper for your products. It is helpful to find a good zipper manufacturer.

Another important tip is that you should pay attention to the teeth of zipper. Usually the type of project you are working on will depend on the type of teeth. At the same time, you need to confirm with manufacture whether they can make the type of teeth when you search the suppliers, because some manufacturers can make invisible teeth and some cannot. And some can make large teeth products, but some cannot. After all, each zipper has too much specifications and varieties. The small details always determine the final result. So, you have to pay more attention to every detail before choosing.

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