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How Much Do You Know about Electroplating Zippers?

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How Much Do You Know about Electroplating Zippers?

We know that metal zipper product has a strong metallic texture, which has the features of uniform plating and no variegated color, and a uniform and impeccable appearance. Though beautiful metal zippers have various electroplating colors, including brass, green bronze, shallow crepe, platinum copper, rose gold etc., the electroplating process is roughly the same. What process does electroplating metal zipper use?

Usually good-quality metal zipper need to be applied a layer of metallic coatings with electrochemical processes on metals, so that it can protect metal parts from rust or corrosion. Generally speaking, electroplating is divided into rack plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating, which are mainly related to the size and batch of the parts to be plated. Rack plating is suitable for products of general size, such as car bumpers, bicycle handlebars, etc. Barrel plating is suitable for small parts such as fasteners, washers, pins, metal zipper sliders and metal zipper heads etc. Continuous plating is suitable for batch production of wires and strips. Brush plating is suitable for partial plating or repair. The electroplating solution includes acidic, alkaline, and acidic and neutral solutions with chromium mixture. No matter what plating method is used, the plating tanks and hangers in contact with the products to be plated and the plating solution should have a certain degree of Versatility.

Coating classification

The coating is divided into two types: decorative protective coating and functional coating. Decorative protective coating is mainly the chromium plating layer on ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics, especially the copper-nickel-chromium layer on steel, and the nickel-chromium layer on zinc and steel. For functional coating, there are many types of coatings. For metal zippers for clothes or bags, the function of electroplating is to reduce the damage caused by daily rough use. And electroplating products look more beautiful and valuable, which can attract people to buy them, such as clothes with shining metal zippers and jewelry etc. At the same time, the electroplating layer can protect the zippers from daily wear and tear.

The process of electroplating

1. Put the metal zipper in clean water to ensure that all parts of the zipper are moist.

2, Degrease for the metal zipper, and the general degreasing time is 30 seconds.

3. Clean and dehydrate the degreasing metal zipper to ensure that the metal zipper is dry.

4. Put the dehydrated metal zipper into the electroplating of color electroplating copper. The metal zipper in the electroplating barrel needs to be evenly stirred for several times for electroplating, and the electroplating time should not be too long, and it should be strictly control in about 20 seconds. And then take out the finished metal zipper and compare it with the color plate to ensure that the color is the same as the color plate. The next step is to clean them.

5. Carefully clean the metal zipper after electroplating and coloring, and repeat the cleaning and dehydration work 3 times. At this time, an electroplated metal zipper is formed. Of course, it can't leave the factory now, and there are other processing procedures waiting for them.

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