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How Much Do You Know about Luxury Zippers?

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How Much Do You Know about Luxury Zippers?

We know that small zipper products belong to small fastening device. Though they are small, they have different types. For ordinary zipper products such as various metal zippers and nylon coil zippers, you may identify them according to different materials. According to their different functions or purposes, zippers can also be classified into invisible zippers, airtight zippers, waterproof zippers, etc. But do you hear luxury zippers? Here we will tell you what luxury zippers are.

At first, the English names of zippers were very different. The market is full of names such as "automatic buttons", and "C-security" snap teeth etc. Although some of these names are professional and some are vivid, they are not vivid enough. They are quickly forgotten by people until the word "zipper" appears. "Zipper" not only represents the smooth opening and closing, but also represents fast opening and closing method of the zipper.

For luxury zippers, maybe you have guessed out that its name comes from its material and functionality. In fact, they are specially designed for some luxurious goods such as famous brand apparels and bags, so that the goods can meet the requirements of some people. For designers, high-end designs mainly refer to luxury zipper puller with special logo of the brand or other unique shapes. And luxury zippers are often used for high-end or mid-end garments and bags as the symbol of fashion.

We know that as a kind of clothing fastening material, zipper is usually classified as clothing accessories. Even so, its role in garments cannot be underestimated. In the eyes of some designers, it can even surpass fabrics and become the protagonist through unusual structural settings in high-end clothing design. Of course, zippers can not only be used for decoration in luxury brands, but also can create many possibilities by various textures and colors for design. For example, through the use of soft-lined zippers on evening dresses, it is instantly full of sexy charm. The hard bronze metal zippers on denim fabrics show nostalgia, and the unique creativity under deconstruction and transformation can represent different language of designers, which may be graceful, tough, or extremely ostentatious with a variety of styles.

In many cases, in addition to the longitudinal division of the zipper, the zipper can also be made into a division on the circumference. For example, the circumference on the sleeve can be divided to allow the clothing to be changed into long sleeves, middle sleeves, and short sleeves at will. In addition, clothing such as coats, trousers, skirts, etc. can be divided by zippers to change the length. In addition to the conventional structural line design, the designer can also use the line sense of the zipper to deconstruct and reconstruct the clothing to form an unconventional clothing effect, so that the "line" extends to the slender waist, or is partially reduced, or enlarged or even deformed. When we watch fashion show of some luxury brands, you may see zippers used on many luxury clothing, all of which can enhance visual dramatic tension.

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