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How Much Do You Know about Metal Zippers?

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How Much Do You Know about Metal Zippers?

Metal zipper is a kind of zipper, which is made of copper, cupronickel or aluminum. The main scope of application includes jeans, jackets, cotton clothes and shoes for winter according to different size such as 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, etc. In this article, we will share with you some knowledge of metal zippers.

Generally speaking, the size of zipper changes according to the size of metal zipper teeth. It can be divided into closed metal zipper, detachable open zipper, double-closing zipper (X-zipper and double slider are opposite each other or O-zipper and double slider are opposite each other), double-opening zipper (reverse opening can be separated) according to the type. And the material of zipper teeth is aluminum Alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy, etc. The color of zipper teeth is often electroplated according to needs, such as aluminum zipper teeth plated yellow, brass zipper teeth plated white, black nickel, green bronze, red bronze, gold and other colors. Usually it is composed of cloth tape, zip teeth, sliders, and limit codes.


Zipper teeth: The metal zippers on the market are mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy and other materials. Since the color of metal zipper teeth are all electroplated, if they are not stored properly, the zip teeth will turn black and it will cause pollution to clothing. For copper alloy zipper teeth, it is easy to oxidation. So please ensure a certain degree of ventilation during storage, and do not store in a sealed or humid environment. Sometimes, moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier is necessary for store.

Sliders: The colors of metal sliders are green bronze, red bronze, white-plated, yellow-plated, black nickel, black and white nickel, and matt silver. Normally, the color of the metal slider is required to match the teeth of metal zipper. According to regulations, the commonly used slider parameters are:

3#: The mouth height of the metal slider is 2.1-2.2mm, and the mouth width is 4.55-4.65.

5#: The mouth height of the metal slider is 2.7-2.8mm, and the mouth width is 6.0-6.05.

Limit code: It is divided into top stop (front code) and bottom stop (post code). The main function of the top and bottom stops is to prevent the slider from being separated from the zip teeth.

Usually there are four stages for the production of metal zipper, which are dyeing, chain production, slider manufacturing and finished product. And the teeth shapes include corn teeth, Y-cut teeth, normal round teeth, European teeth and so on. On the market, we often see Y-cut teeth and normal teeth since they are common types which often used on jeans and jackets, so the production capacity is large comparatively and the quality is stable.

Different metal zippers have different shapes and the processing technology. We take metal zipper with round teeth as instance. It uses die-stamping technology and is made of metal strips, which material utilization is only more than 50%. Therefore, it will cause marks and burrs on the surface of zip teeth. Of course, it will influence the appearance and sales of zipper products.

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