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How Much Do You Know about Zipper Making?

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How Much Do You Know about Zipper Making?

In daily life, practical zipper products are often used on clothes, bags and other products. But do you know how does it make? In this article, we will tell you some knowledge of zipper making.

First of all, let us know the structure of the zipper. Usually the main components that make up a zipper are tape, teeth, head, and pieces, all of which are indispensable for a whole zipper. Now we take a closed end zipper as an example. If a bag needs a 20cm long closed zipper, it means that the effective length of this zipper is 20cm, but in fact, it needs to reserve a total length slightly longer than the effective length. Then the actual total length may be 24cm, and then cut off the two ends of the teeth, leaving a blank piece of cloth for the end of the zipper or stitching with the body of the bag. The blank part of the cloth strips actually have professional terms, which are called upper ear and lower ear respectively. In addition, in order to prevent the installed zipper puller from escaping from the middle of the teeth, it is necessary to install the top stop and the bottom stop at both ends. There are also zipper pieces, here you can choose to use the original zipper pieces directly, or you can make a good-looking leather zipper piece.

For a zipper, the most technical and critical part is the zipper teeth. The zipper teeth have different shapes such as flat teeth and corn teeth etc. These names are commonly known in the market. The material of the zipper teeth is generally copper, and then other metals are electroplated to show a variety of colors. There are also some zipper teeth made of aluminum or stainless steel. Generally speaking, metal zipper teeth are very strong.

The size of the zipper teeth is also different, and the model number on the market is from 0# to 30#. The larger the model number is, and the larger the zipper teeth are. But most of the zippers we use on handmade leather goods are 3# and 5#. Generally, external zipper products use 5#, because the overall width of 5# is 31mm, and the width of the zipper teeth is 6mm, which is relatively wide. It is in line with the visual aesthetics of external zippers. Generally 3# is used for inner zippers, because the overall width of 3# is 27mm, and the width of the zipper teeth is 4.5mm, which is relatively narrow, and is more in line with the needs of the inner space.

Zipper production process

1. Design the size and mold of the zipper.

2. Prepare aluminum alloy materials.

3. Use a mold to press out the slider and tab of the zipper.

4. The assembly of the zipper slider and the zipper pull tab on the production line.

5. If the quality is qualified after inspection, they will be packaged and put into warehouse to store temporarily.

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