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How important can zippers be in the early childhood development?

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How important can zippers be in the early childhood development?

Zippers have a wide range of applications in our everyday life. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, the coat that keeps us warm and cozy, and the dress that can stun the whole party crowd. Besides the zippers themselves we also constantly meet a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement, which is the time we fix the zipper ourselves. The zippers and the minor incidents they cause are both like sunshine and water now in our life. But do you still remember how you learned to zip and unzip? Do you think it just happened naturally? Not really. I believe parents would remember the excitement when we find our kids learn to tie their shoes. These tasks don’t come as naturally as they are thought to be, so as zipping and unzip. It can be even frustrating for some children and today we are going to learn why.

The answer is connected to the fine motor skill development. Some kids are born with a predisposition to have fine motor skills, meanwhile for some children that are not that gifted with it, they require more encouragement and help to learn these skills.

Which fine motor skills are necessity for usage of zippers

Except for basic gross motor skills, visual and cognitive ability, following key fine motor manipulation skills are prerequisites for the independent management of garment fasteners:

Bilateral hand coordination & hand preference, controlled release skills, hand preference, separation of two sides of one hand, in-hand manipulation, translating visual information as a motor movements guide and manipulation of three different sorts of grasps: power grasp, pincer grasp and lateral.

When is the right age for each skills

1,5 to 2 years old:

Unzips zipper with large tab

Pulls large zipper tab up if adult holds bottom taut

2,5 to 3,5 years old:

Unzips and unsnaps clothing while it is still on.

3 to 4,5 years old:

Closes front snap on a garment

Buttons and unbuttons while the front-opening garment is still on

5 to 6 years old:

Hooks and zips up a zipper while wearing it

If you found your little ones are struggling it or a little slow than where he/she should be, don’t panic or become too worry about it. We have another article talks about solutions on this. And remember never to call your children stupid for just not able to zip things up. Backpack zippers and coat zippers are a part of your child’s everyday life after they enter school. They may will figure out how to tackle zippers so they will not have to run for help every time. A tip when purchasing them is try to avoid metal zippers and choose nylon zippers or plastic zippers instead. It will be less painful when they meet a stuck zipper situation.

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