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How to Choose Proper Zipper for Cloth?

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How to Choose Proper Zipper for Cloth?

Zippers now play a vital role in fashion field. Come on, we all know the embarrassment a celebrity face caused by malfunctioning zippers in a world-reowned fashion event or a heavyweight award ceremony. Or some of us just enjoy the scene of embarrass. Acutely speaking, the integrity of apparel is mainly determined by a low quality zipper. Joking aside, from the aesthetic-wise aspect, choosing a correct accessory from an amount of categories available out there can surely be confusing. This article will share some ideas on how to choose the right zippers for clothing in order to add a fashion statement and perpetuate the service life at the same time.

Zipper strength

On the whole, zipper strength is dependent upon the zipper size. In plain English, the bigger size is, the better. Back again, different materials effect the strength of the zipper as well even with the exact same size.

Zipper material

Nylon zippers are softer, more flexible than other kinds of zipper and reasonable priced. Due to their resilience and durability, nylon zippers are mostly utilized in cloth that is made from thin fabric like underwear, dress, pants and lining. Plastic zippers have a relatively high durability and various colors. Besides, man-made diamonds can be inlaid into the surface of plastic zippers due to their large teeth. Meanwhile, the large and rigid teeth also result in the lower softness and tab pull-off strength, limiting the applications of plastic zippers. So they are commonly found on garments with thicker fabric, such as jacket, down jacket, ski suit, uniform, etc. Metal zippers are more distinctive because of their metallic finishes if applied to fashion item like jeans. They are durable but not flexible, which are better used for high-end garments like leather jacket, jeans, etc.

The material that makes the zippers determines teeth shape, especially the softness and feel, and directly has an effect on the beauty and the compatibility of zipper and clothing. Choosing a zipper based on teeth material requires the fully understanding of the features of different types zippers.

Clothing type

Not only should zippers satisfy the requirements for strength and material, zippers should fit the function of different parts of clothing. For instance, the front fly of pants, pockets and dress generally needs closed-end zippers, and long coat can adopt two-way open zippers in consideration of the need for squat. When it comes to skirt or other thin fabrics, invisible zippers especially invisible zippers with lace tape are the best choice to add a fashion statement to clothing.

Clothing color

Zipper colors should match the garment colors, and there are color cards for reference like Pantone Color Card and SBS Color Card.

Slider, as an important part of zipper, is more than a functional item. Customized slider with special logo puller adds fashion statement to clothing as well as contributes to brand promotion.

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