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How to Choose Zipper Suppliers?

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How to Choose Zipper Suppliers?

For garment factories, they need lots of various long zippers for making garment. So, choosing a good zipper supplier is important for the quality of garment. How to choose zipper suppliers?

When choosing zippers for clothing, you should pay attention to the difference between the color of the zipper cloth tape and the fabric, which is commonly referred to chromatic aberration. In addition, the color fastness of the zipper tape also should be cared. For professional zipper manufacturer, whether the color fastness of the zipper reaches the standard grade and whether the color shifts between the zipper and the clothing, which will directly affect the quality of the final product.

What is color fastness?

It mainly includes the washing resistance and friction resistance of the product. Generally, it refers to the degree of fading of the dyed fabric under the action of external factors such as extrusion, friction, soaping, rain, exposure, etc. during use or processing. As a clothing manufacturer, when choosing a zipper supplier, you should pay attention to the three color fastnesses of the zipper, which includes light fastness, soaping fastness and color migration, so that you may avoid these problems in the use and improve the quality of clothing.

Light fastness

Generally speaking, sweat stains occur with the sun. Therefore, the light fastness mentioned here is not single, and it includes double fastness to sunlight and perspiration. Different degrees of sun exposure will cause a series of photochemical reactions to destroy the structure of the dye itself, leading to discoloration and fading. At the same time, the presence of sweat will make the pH value weakly acidic or weakly alkaline, which will also significantly reduce the light fastness of some disperse dyes. Therefore, this compound effect is very different from simple fastness to light or perspiration. However, through some preventive measures, the light fastness of this composite can be enhanced, so that the color of the zipper can be kept bright for a long time. Therefore, when choosing beautiful zipper products, you should choose those zippers that have been enhanced with anti-ultraviolet rays or directly select those with high light fastness.

Fastness to soaping

The soaping fastness of the colored zipper tape is also an important indicator. The general zipper tape is woven with 100% polyester and dyed with disperse dyes at high temperature. The soaping fastness of disperse dyes refers to the degree to which single fiber or multi-fiber cloth is stained by the fading of the dyed material under certain washing conditions. Therefore, you had better to choose some products with high soap fastness as much as possible when purchasing zipper products for clothing.

Color migration problem

For color migration problem, the best way is to see if the dyes used in the zipper can be better combined with the polyester fiber when selecting the zipper for garment.

Zipper is an important accessory material for apparel, and the quality of its various indicators directly affects the final quality of apparel products. Therefore, when choosing a zipper supplier, you must also understand the indicators of all aspects of their products.

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