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How to Fix the Zipper of Luggage?

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How to Fix the Zipper of Luggage?

The suitcase can be said to be one of the greatest inventions of people. It is convenient for storing items during travel. The invention of practical zipper product makes the suitcase achieve a more practical effect. So, we often see the appearance of zippers on modern suitcases. Though it is a small item, it is an indispensable necessary. We know that the zipper on the luggage is usually used in the opening and closing of the luggage. If the quality of these small items is not very good, they will definitely be damaged. How to fix the small zipper on the suitcase if it’s broken?

With the advent of travel craze in recent years, many people will travel or study abroad, or go on business trips. The luggage products that meet people’s needs increase naturally during the journey. The characteristics of the mobility of the suitcase and the portability of storage are irreplaceable. So, it is a must-have item for every family. When shopping for a luggage, you not only need to consider the price and appearance of the luggage, but also need to consider some small parts such as luggage trolley, luggage wheels, and luggage zippers etc. After all, these small parts are also important points which will influence the whole quality and availability of a luggage. These small components are also need to be focused on.

What is more, for luggage with zippers, due to the fact that the items contained in the suitcase exceed the height, though the suitcase can withstand during the use process, the items are packed into the box in a squeezed state. When the box is closed, at this time, the zipper is stretched, and the zipper for suitcase is easily damaged if it is used in this way.

What should you do if the zipper of the suitcase is broken?

1. The zipper does not open and close smoothly.

The common problem is that the zipper’s over-load opening cannot be pulled smoothly. This kind of question is often seen in the use of luggage. At this time, you may use candle or pencil powder and apply it to the metal zipper or nylon coil zipper to increase the lubricity of the zipper, which can basically solve the problem.

2. Missing zipper teeth.

If the fastener elements of the zipper are missing, you can fix it by yourself. First of all, prepare staples and pliers, and place the staples in the same place as the fastener elements on the zipper, and fill in the missing part. Please note if the zipper has too many zipper teeth missing, this method is not available.

3. Luggage zipper replacement.

The sewing of the zipper on the suitcase is usually very flat, and the stitching of the zipper is packed inside of the luggage, so, it is quite troublesome to replace the broken zipper on the suitcase. If the zipper must be replaced, you may go to zipper repair shop to replace it. Usually the price will be a little high since it will take a lot of work to do it.

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