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How to Sew a Zipper in a Dress?

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How to Sew a Zipper in a Dress?

Purchasing a whole closet of glamorous dress just to look at it because of tiny fitting plight? You are not along to know this feeling. Now you can probably stop worrying since we are here to help you to solve this problem.

The position of zippers

The key to decide where to put the zipper can be conclude in one word: invisibility. A zipper at the back of the dress is hard not to notice; a zipper on the side, on the other hand, is discrete to the point of being completely unnoticeable.

erials made of metal zippers are relatively strong, it makes metal zippers very durable.

Choosing a zipper

Purchase a zipper 5 cm longer than the opening. Use a tape measure to measure the area where you want the opening on your dress to be. Consider how far down you want the opening to go. If the dress is form-fitting, then a longer zipper is best since this will reduce stress on the fabric when you put on or take off the dress. Zippers range from 7 to 18 to 56 cm. Opt for a zipper that will go from the top of the dress to just below the hips. This will likely be around 41 to 51 cm depending on the wearer.

Not sure which type of zipper to use? Here are some basic guidance for you to refer to:

For craft projects (like this tablet case), use a closed end coil chain. They’re light and flexible.

For apparel, use metal or vislon chains for zippers that will be exposed to the elements. Use open ended stops for jackets and sweatshirts. For partial zip-ups (like this blouse), coil chains will work and probably look the best.

For upholstery décor projects (like this box cushion), a metal chain is best for cushions that will see a lot of wear or will be zipped and unzipped a lot. For pillow covers (like this quilted pillow), a coil chain will work fine.

Again, there’s a lot of overlap and these aren’t “rules” but rather “guidelines”. Choose your zipper based on the length, color, flexibility, and durability that you’re looking for.

Creating the zipper opening

Mark the fabric to indicate the length of the zipper opening. Pin the 2 sides of the dress so that the right sides are together. Line up the edges of the opening fabric so that they are perfectly even. Insert a few pins through both layers of fabric to hold the edges together where you want to sew. Leave the fabric unpinned above the mark you made to indicate where the zipper will end.

Then backstitch at the top and then sew down

Attach the zippers

Position the zipper along the dress opening so that the zipper teeth are just peeking through the opening. Then, insert a few pins along each of the edges to hold the zipper in place. Make sure that the bottom point of the zipper is lined up with the bottom of the dress opening. Remember the invisibility we talked about? To hide the zipper, position the zipper so that the teeth are aligned with the edges of the dress fabric. Insert pins through the dress and zipper fabric right along the zipper teeth. This will ensure that the 2 sides of the dress opening meet when the dress is zipped and the zipper will be hidden.

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