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How to Spot the Regular Flaws of Zippers?

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How to Spot the Regular Flaws of Zippers?

Zippers have a wide range of applications in our everyday life. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, we don’t want a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement. And we all know the embarrassment a celebrity face caused by malfunctioning zippers in a world-reowned fashion event or a heavyweight award ceremony. Acutely speaking, the integrity of a apparel is mainly determined by a low quality zipper. Not to mention, zippers are under constant stress in many other different daily applications. And here we are, to discuss some common defects of a zipper and the tips to spot them so we have the ability to tell whether a zipper is good or bad according to the characteristics of applications. Don’t worry though, they are that much of a complex puzzle, you can tell whether a zipper is an excellent one with your naked eyes.

The teeth

The surface of the zipper teeth should be as silky and soft as possible. A zipper slider will be much easier to slide along with smoother zipper teeth. Meanwhile the common deficiency of teeth mostly include the ones that are not properly meshed during low quality manufacturing and the ones missing their companions. A crooked chain also screams the disastrous performance after taking them home. And when the coil is not firmly attached to the cloth, it indicates that the zipper can be effortlessly torn away.

The reinforcement Tape

The quality of the reinforcement tape is especially important if the zippers are constantly stretched or pulled on during the use of them. It should be strong and fit the band adequately.

The slider

Although the slider’s clamp should be able to move along the zipper slider liberally, it is also important to be sure that it is snugly fastened and impossible to fall off the tape. The things we need to watch out for are crushed or deformed sliders. The poorly manufactured slider bodies can be rather weak and broken off easily. The flaws on the slider can usually lead to a problematic locking process.

The tape

What need to find is the bumpy edges on a zipper tape, together with any holes, cuts and other results of low quality manufacturing process such as tears. From an aesthetic point of view, washed our color or improperly dyed can also be the defects of the zipper tape. A good zipper tape should be equitably dyed without any stains.

The stops

Metal zippers and nylon zippers are the two types have specific requirements on the zipper stopper. Their top zipper stop is best to be placed close to the first tooth on the tape, while the bottom one needs to come together with the teeth as well and have to be fastened solidly to the surface. The defects we see on the zipper stops is mostly either one or both are nowhere to find, or they might be wrongly placed so that the zipper stops might look like they are where they are but in the improper dimension.

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