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How to evaluate the performance of zippers?

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How to evaluate the performance of zippers?

Zippers are widely used in modern life. They are so important that we sometimes couldn’t afford to have “zipper situations”. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, we don’t want a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement. So there are certain standards we need to know to help us determine the quality of zippers.

There are basically two aspects when we talk about zipper quality in China. The two kinds of standards used in the zipper industry in China that are formed of National Standard and Industry Standard. The first one would be the overall quality of the product. For instance, how stable certain batch of zipper products are for a rather long time and how much is the qualified rate of the whole batch of products. The second is more definitive, like the technical parameters of zippers and their physical properties. We can usually tell the management stage of the zipper manufacturer from the first aspect and the general excellence of the factory.

Before the zippers get put into use or enter the market, we have certain methods of the physical performance assessment of the zippers. The variety ways to evaluate and determine the physical performance of zippers are usually depending on the types of zippers and the characteristics of their future applications. There of course exist a couple of Testing Standards that is recognized worldwide. The zipper manufacturers and suppliers all around the world refer to these internationally accredited assessment methods that consist of but are limited to as follows: ASTM D2051-D2054, D2057-D2062 (US), BS3084 (UK), DIN3416-3149 (Germany),JIS3015 (Japan), and QB/T2171-2173 (China). A high quality manufacturer is certainly subjected to the above-mentioned standards, sometimes will go through additional standard testing inside the factory during the zipper manufacturing procedure of zipper products to make sure the physical performance can be fully satisfied.

And of course the testing methods vary from different materials. For instance, the chain crosswise strength, tab pull-off strength and top stop holding strength testing methods are only for three kinds of methods, that is metal zippers, plastic zippers and coil zippers. And three additional tests will be applied if zippers of these three kinds of materials are open-end zippers. They are crosswise strength of separating unit, single side top stop holding strength and retainer box/pin slippage strength testing methods. Bottom top holding strength test will be added if these three kinds of zippers are close-end.

There are even more distinct tests for certain components of the zippers such as tests for zipper teeth and zipper slider. For example, slider puller pull-off strength, slider lock holding strength and resistance to reciprocation tests. And some tests also additional requirements like length limits.

And for those who are curious, these tests are running with certain machines.

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