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How to find the right slider for your zipper?

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How to find the right slider for your zipper?

Without the nylon coil zipper slider, there is no doubt that the zipper will be useless. Therefore, we will receive many calls and inquiries from customers, seeking to replace the slider. To help you find a suitable slider replacement, we will use several different methods to determine the size and type of your existing slider.

In the first method, you need to make sure that your slider type corresponds to the sprocket. Specifically, it matches the size and type.

So how to check the size and type of the metal zipper slider? The HVV brand we sell will be marked with the size and type on the top of the zipper slider. These marks are relatively small and not easy to see, so you can use a magnifying glass to see them. On the small block at the top of the zipper, the number indicates the size of metal zips for bags, and the first letter indicates the type of zipper tape suitable for this slider. Resin zipper may be marked with "V" or "VS", while nylon zipper is marked with "CN". But #4.5 zipper is only suitable for nylon zipper, so there will be no initials at the top, only numbers 4 and 5. The metal zipper slider is easy to determine because of its appearance. Of course, you can also match the size of the replacement slider with the metal zipper chain through the above method.

If your zipper does not have any markings, then you need to check the chain belt to determine the size and type of the metal separating zippers. The size of the zipper is determined by measuring the width of the sprocket. Please use millimeters as the unit to measure the width of the sprocket when it is closed. The measurement result may be inconsistent with the size of gold metal zipper, because the actual size of the chain belt may be different, but there should not be much error.

The second method is to check the teeth of the zipper. The resin zipper is made of molded plastic with flat and clean teeth. Although the nylon zipper is also made of plastic, the chain teeth are small and look like a continuous coil. Zippers with metal elements are very popular in the apparel industry.

When you look for handbag zipper sliders, you will also see that they are classified into locking and non-locking. The locking small zipper has a small locking mechanism, which allows the slider to be fixed without pulling the tab. When you move the pull tab, you can see that the locking mechanism fits tightly inside the zipper for easy zipper bag. If the zipper is separated by pulling any part of the slider, even if the chain strap is opened, the zipper with zipper pouch with strap can be separated. That is a non-locking double slide handbag zipper.

As long as you choose the same size and type of slider, locking or non-locking depends on personal preference. Therefore, even if your original slider is locked, as long as the other aspects of the slider match the original slider, you can replace it with a non-locking slider.

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