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How to fix a stuck zipper

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How to fix a stuck zipper

In most cases, jammed zippers can be remedied using just some household lubricant, a pair of pliers, and a little patience. This article will share with you a couple of simple solutions to fix stuck zipper. Don't let this little zipper become your nightmare of the crucial occasion or event you're getting ready for but finding the dress zipper stuck at the last minute or the reason you run late. The next time you find yourself struggling with a stubborn zipper, simply reach for stuff you probably already have around your house.

If the slider is stuck and won't move, most likely the zipper stuck on fabric or thread. Or one of the teeth gets out of line or the metal or plastic teeth break or become a bit worn. Keep reading and we can get zipper unstuck together.


fix stuck zipper


Stop Struggling


If you start to feel the zipper getting stuck and not sliding smoothly, stop right there before making it worse! If you're wearing the garment, remove it if you can to examine what went wrong.


Then before further steps, investigate. Turn the clothing or bag inside out and follow along the zipper lines to see whether it's fabric caught in the zipper or zipper replacement is needed.



Retract the Fabric


If the situation is a bit of surrounding fabric getting caught in the teeth, then apply a pulling motion to the cloth stuck in zipper. A pair of tweezers may help you get a better grip if there's a piece of fabric you're not able to get a good hold on during the process. A small tip to help you get this done more easily - hold the zipper slider by the body rather than the little pull tab, which can provide more power and control.



fix stuck zipper

Pull the Zipper Up and Down


Keep your hands on the stuck fabric and begin to pull the zipper tab slowly up and down. These constant movements can usually be enough to make the zipper teeth smooth again.





Household items like lip balm, vaseline, bar soap, glass cleaner, and even baby powder can be used as a lubricant. Note this, a graphite pencil can do the same. Just color the zipper teeth with it. For the best result, a traditional wooden pencil is better than one of the mechanical variety. Rub the tip of the pencil along the sides of the zipper teeth and then try sliding the zipper. Repeat until you successfully fix jammed zipper.

As for the use of lubricant, apply it directly to the zipper teeth. Begin with the section where the teeth are still connected and use a large amount of lubricant. As the lubricant seeps deeper into the teeth, the zipper should be easier to move. Just remember to clean the garment or bag after fixing the stuck zippers. Usually, the lubrication can stop the zipper keeps getting stuck on the fabric for a while.

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