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How to fix a tent zipper

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How to fix a tent zipper

Outdoor zippers are frequently exposed to the outside elements, this can lead to difficulties in keeping them in working order. And for outdoor and marine equipment, wetsuit, luggage, golf bag a dependable zipper is a crucial part of the item's performance. In addition to dirt and debris, both saltwater and salt air can take a toll on your zippers.


Outdoor zippers require care and maintenance to improve or just keep their performance for years to come. Here are some handy tips on how you can protect and clean outdoor zippers and keep them operating evenly.


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The first step of zipper cleaning is to keep them free of dirt, grit, and especially salt, as it will corrode zippers if given the chance. You’ll need to clean and dry your zippers after every use. To achieve this, you can shake your zippers out, wipe them down with a cloth, brush them with a clean brush or rinse them with fresh water. Rinsing your zippers with fresh water and letting them dry completely after every exposure to debris is the best way to prevent zipper corrosion. For occasionally used items like a tent or piece of luggage, make sure your zippers are completely clean and dry before storing them.

When you’re in the field, one solution to protect tent zippers is to wipe the zipper down regularly with a damp cloth. Do that when the wind is not blowing, of course - otherwise, the moisture will just attract more dirt which will probably lead to a stuck zipper. Fill a bucket with some warm water and add to it some good emulsifiers for grease and oils. Get an old toothbrush, dip it in the bucket, and got to work on the zippers. If this can’t help to keep them working, tent zipper repair or tent zipper replacement needs to be considered. Tips on mental and other types of zipper repair can be found in other articles on our website.




Since we are onto this, let’s talk about lubrication and relative specialist products like zipper spray. Think of zipper lubricant like sunscreen: The more often you use it, the better protected you’ll be. Although it’s important to give your zippers special attention, you do need to be careful about exactly how you do it. If you apply balm or chapstick over the teeth before taking your zipper out into the open (like on a tent, backpack, or bag), it will only attract dirt, dust, salt, sand, and other debris, causing even more problems. You’ll want to make sure to only add balm or lubricant to your zippers if they are clean and away from the elements.You only need to add balm if you find your zippers are getting stuck or stiff. 


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Regular Tender Care


Try to use the zippers gently on daily basis. Making zipper care an everyday habit is an approach that is quite considerable if you tend to extend the life of your outdoor zippers. 

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