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How to have a good online zipper shopping experience

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How to have a good online zipper shopping experience

Because the zipper has different adaptability in different environments, the following points should be specially asked to the manufacturer when purchasing a zipper.

Important Tips for Buying Zippers

What kind of products does the zipper apply to or are there other special requirements? It is understood that zippers are widely used in leather suitcases, shoes, ski jackets, raincoats, tents, jeans that need to be washed or leather products with high acidity. Zippers are mainly divided into metal zippers, nylon zippers and resin zippers.

Are there requirements for restricted chemicals in zippers? Does the tape need to be free of azo? Is the nickel release qualified? Or can it pass the needle detector?

Are there corresponding sizes for zippers of different materials? The size of the zipper is expressed as 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, etc. These numbers are measured by the width of the zipper when it is closed. The larger the number is, the thicker the zipper is. Because it is often used in jeans, jackets and backpacks, the size of chunky metal zip is relatively large. Metal zippers for jackets and nylon zipper for jackets are basically 5#. The rugged 8# and 10# need to be customized, usually less used. 4YG refers specifically to the zipper on pants. This metal lock zipper puller is mostly used on jeans and casual pants. Most of the branded clothes will have a custom-made zipper card on the zipper of the clothes, and the LOGO of the brand will be engraved on it.

Benefits of Wholesale zippers Online

Do you usually buy zippers in a store or online? Nowadays, the developed network makes it no problem for us to shop without going out. It is understood that buying wholesale zippers online in bulk will be more cost-effective. Zippers are used for pillows, jackets, zipper bags, underwear, etc.

1. Affordable

Generally speaking, zipper prices in retail stores are significantly higher than bulk orders. There are zippers of all kinds of materials and lengths you need on the shopping website, and the price will be displayed in the list. In this way, you can compare the prices of different stores and choose the most favorable price to choose the right zipper. You can open the shopping website at any time to purchase additional products, such as heavy duty zippers for canvas, quilted zipper pouch and double slide handbag zipper.

2. Quality is guaranteed

Many factories have online shops. Whether you want to design clothing, bags or choose zipper accessories, good quality metal zips for bags and metal coil zippers will always add durability to your sewing project. Before purchasing additional zippers, consulting customer service is a critical step. Or you can check other customers’ reviews of stores and products.

3. Online shopping is very convenient

Sometimes, your work is very busy and you don’t have time to go to the physical store to buy the zippers you need. Then the zippers ordered in batches online will be delivered directly to the courier site or your door.

How to Order Zippers in Bulk?

You only need to click on the product link, tick the color, length and quantity of the zipper you need, and add these requirements to the online shopping cart. The system will automatically calculate the discount, just jump to the payment page to pay for the order.

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