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How to install the bottom split zippers

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How to install the bottom split zippers

We learned earlier that there are three materials for zippers: metal, nylon and resin. In addition, zippers can also be classified according to their sizes, including 0#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 7#, 8#, 9#, 10#, 20# to 30#. The size of the model is directly proportional to the size of the zipper teeth. The zippers mainly include closed zippers, open zippers and double-open zippers.

Classification of Zippers

Today, many zippers are made of synthetic materials. The chain and teeth are molded from nylon and polyester. Synthetic zippers come in many colors. The color of the slider is required to be the same as the color of the microphone teeth of the zipper.

The inseparable zipper is suitable for casual pants, pants, skirts, etc.

The exposed zipper will not be hidden by fabrics, such as nylon zipper jacket and metal zipper jacket.

The waterproof zipper made of nylon is widely used. .

The teeth of closed or hidden zippers are behind the tape and are commonly found in skirts and dresses. Some jeans have invisible loop zippers.

The detachable zipper has two completely independent stringer units. They have a bottom component (fixer) that can be engaged with each other so that they can work together as a unit.

In this article, we mainly study how to shorten and install the bottom split zipper.

Choosing and Purchasing Zippers

Strong metal zippers are available in various colors and metal types, suitable for zipper pockets and front zippers. Generally speaking, if you sew a running jacket, it is suitable for a zipper that does not rub, that is, a nylon coil zipper. Plastic zippers are suitable for raincoats or diving suits.

Install the Split Zipper

Sometimes we need to cut down the zipper we bought to be suitable for all kinds of clothing. Specific steps are as follows:

Untie the separation zipper.

Place the zipper on the clothes as they are sewn.

Flip each side of the zipper down. Align the edge of the zipper tape without teeth with the original edge of the zipper opening.

Apply only on one side of the zipper tape. Each seam, basting and finishing, and top stitch must be sewn in the same direction. The purpose of this move is to leave the zipper tape on it. Sewing the tape in different directions will cause the seams to be misaligned and the fabric around the seams will pull in different directions. The thread should match the zipper tape.

Pull the other side of the zipper to the shading side.

On the unstitched side of the zipper tape, mark where any seams must be aligned. Make sure this mark can be erased or washed off.

Unzip the zipper and pin it to the clothes. The mark should be perfectly aligned with the seam.

Glue another piece of zipper tape to the garment.

Close the zipper to check the seam alignment. Just a few inches on each side of the place to be repaired.

Switch to the zipper foot. Move the needle all the way to the side of the zipper teeth, and permanently stitch the zipper tape with the regular stitch length. Sewing according to the width of the fabric and the thickness of the zipper pull. Getting too close to the teeth may obstruct or make the zipper difficult.

Remove basting stitches.

Close the zipper again to make sure it pulls smoothly before moving on.

The top stitching should match the clothing. And the bobbin thread matches the zipper tape.

Shorten the Zipper

If you want to shorten the nylon coil zipper or plastic zipper, first remove the nylon coil zipper slider or plastic stopper. The operation of removing the metal zipper slider is more complicated than the above two types of stoppers.

Use sharp scissors to cut off the edges of the teeth of the nylon coil zipper, and then carefully remove the coil from the tape from the wrong side. For plastic teeth, use sharp scissors or pliers to cut them off.

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