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How to make a zipper stopper

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How to make a zipper stopper

Zippers are of great help of our daily life. They exist everywhere of our daily life. We are so used to it that we are usually caught off guard then they have snags.

Repairing them and replace them can sometimes be important skills that are also easy to learn. But what about make one yourself? That sounds hard, right? This article will share with you some tips on both zipper top and bottom stop DIY. Spoiler alert: it’s not that hard.



To start with, we need to know the composition of a zipper. The structure of a zipper are composed with a slider, elements, tape and stoppers. The elements, also known as the teeth, are the parts that each side of a zipper engages. We call them chain when both side of the teeth are meshed. The slider is what joins or separates the elements. And finally our star of this article - the stopper. They are the components that prevent the zipper slider from totally sliding off from the zipper chain. There are two types of stoppers - bottom and top. Zipper top stops are the ones attached to the top of the zipper just as their name suggests. In the same way, zipper bottom stops are of course attached to the bottom end of the zippers. They stop the zipper slider from falling off the chain and prevent the zipper halves from separating.


Now it’s time to get into business, talk about how you can make your own zipper stoppers with things pretty available in your life. The zipper repair kit won’t be imperative and you can achieve  instant zipper fix.


Fabric: yes you can use a piece of cloth to make a well-functioning stopper. Just cut off a small rectangular piece of fabric and fold it into the teeth of the zipper. And then to sew it into the right place, you need to sew it along with the zipper and make a good-looking top that adapt to your outfit. Keep the zipper slider in mind when you are sewing and don’t forget to keep the slider in place.


Thread: thread can also be used as an emergency option when the zipper stop falls off all of a sudden. To do this, you can use thread and needle to tie a couple of knots in placing of the stopper. Yarn stopper might not be every enduring, but it sure can be of some help in emergency situations. This might be the quickest zipper bottom stop replacement.



Deserted zipper teeth: For this, you are going to need an old apparel with a metal zipper. And you need to cut off two zipper teeth from the discarded part of it. Put them in the right place and then use a heated knife to melt these two zipper teeth together. That’s how you get yourself a metal zipper stopper. This method can be used when you need a durable zipper stopper replacement

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