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How zippers are made?

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How zippers are made?

Before getting into zipper manufacturing, let’s understand the composition of a zipper. Two tapes are manufactured particularly for zippers. The teeth are the parts that engage with each other when passing through the zipper slider. When the left and the right side teeth have meshed together they are called a chain. The slider joins or separates the teeth when the zipper is opened or closed. The zipper pull tab moves the slider and the stoppers stop the slider from completely falling off the chain.


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The teeth, slider, tab, and stoppers of a metal zipper are mostly manufactured of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, zinc, or nickel-silver alloy. As for the plastic zippers have teeth made from polyester or nylon and slider and pull tab from steel or zinc.


One side of the zipper is made when a round wire is sent through a rolling mill that shapes a wire into a Y-shape. The wire is then cut to form a tooth with a width that is needed for the type of zipper that is made. The finished tooth is then put into a slot on a rotating turntable that has a die to punched the tooth into the shape of a scoop. The same part of the machine claps a tooth onto the cloth tape. 

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Types of teeth of plastic zippers are much diverse compared to metal ones. There is spiral, toothed, ladder, or woven plastic zippers. Spiral plastic zippers can be made in two ways. At first, a round plastic wire is notched before feeding it between two heated screws. Loops are made by those same screws and then those loops are heated with a head maker to form heads. The left spiral and right spiral of the stringers are made simultaneously on two machines so they would match and could close. The second method makes both spirals at the same time at the same machine. The machine has a rotating forming wheel with notches that makes both loops on one notch. Heads of teeth are formed when the pusher and head maker simultaneously press the plastic wires into the notches. Those spirals are already locked together and closed and are just sewn onto two cloth tapes. Stringers for the toothed plastic zipper are made with molds and molten plastic just like for metal zipper. Ladder plastic zipper machine has a rotating forming wheel from which protrude alternating spools onto which a plastic wire is wound. Loops are made with strippers on each side and shaped into a U-shape by heading and notching wheel that also forms heads on the teeth. Teeth are then sewn onto the cloth tape to make stringers. Woven zippers are made by weaving the plastic wire directly into the cloth which makes zippers of high quality.

This is a brief introduction to zipper industry, but when it comes to zipper stopper replacement, you can actually make one yourself. Even if it’s a metal zipper stopper. If you want to know more about zipper bottom stop replacement or zipper top stop diy and learn about instant zipper fix, check other articles on our website. 

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