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Introduction to different types of zipper slider

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Introduction to different types of zipper slider

Zippers are one of the most elemental but revolutionary inventions in history. So many projects, from vehicle covers to handbags, use zippers. And it can be overwhelming when it comes to select the suitable one for the specific project such as a jacket zipper slider replacement. And zippers won’t function properly if the sliders installed on them are incorrect, So, to help shed some light on your work, we’re going to share with you some tricks to identify the different types of zipper sliders. Hope this can also be of help for those who need to buy zippers and zipper sliders when they have to replace an old or broken zipper slider.


To start with, let’s take a look at the components of this small but elemental thing.



The slider is composed of the slider body, crown(top), pull-tab(puller), and throats. The body part of a slider is the part that engages with zipper elements.


The top and bottom sides are asymmetrical, with the top side flatter than the bottom one. This type of slider applies to coil zippers, while the parts are symmetrical for sliders applied to either plastic or metal zippers.


There are some similarities between sliders used for plastic zippers and metal zippers. Still, we have some tips to easily identify each of them from one another. The crown and the top side of the throat features a diamond structure for sliders applied to the metal zippers while the same part features an ellipse structure for sliders applied to the plastic zippers.


As for the style options for a zipper puller, there is the single slider, which is the one puller per zipper unit. And of course, there will be the double slider option. That is two pullers per zipper unit. Talking about the way a zipper locks, there also are different types to choose from. First of all, the auto lock slider (or autolok) is the slider type that stays in the place where you put it. It will not open the zipper chain until you pull the slider. And correspondingly there are non-locking sliders. The type of slider does not have a locking mechanism to keep it from sliding. And for the style of pull-tabs of a slider, there are two basic ones, round, and square. This part of the slider is usually a place where designers use their talents. Or maybe the designer is yourself.



Final tips for the trade for your project. Plastic zippers cannot be repaired if a tooth breaks off while metal ones can. However, plastic zippers typically last longer and are more resistant to dirt, corrosion, and UV rays. For sticky zippers, try applying a zipper cleaner and lubricant. Before you sew on the zipper, apply seam tape to the fabric to hold it in place. And the larger the radius of the zipper tape, the less chance there is of puckering.


Hope this article gives you what you need to know before starting on the zipper parts of your projects.

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