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Learn to Test The Quality of The Zippers

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Learn to Test The Quality of The Zippers

Zippers are widely used in modern life. They are so important that we sometimes couldn’t afford to have “zipper situations”. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, we don’t want a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement. And we all know the embarrassment a celebrity face caused by malfunctioning zippers in a world-reowned fashion event or a heavyweight award ceremony. Acutely speaking, the integrity of apparel is mainly determined by a low quality zipper. Not to mention, zippers are under constant stress in many other different daily applications. But there’s no need to worry, luckily we have certain methods to help us determine the quality of zippers.

Don’t think of it as some skills only certain handyman can acquire, they are just some tips you can learn to use and all eight of them can be applied on zippers regardless of the type, metal zippers, coil zippers, vislon zippers, they can all checked as following ways..

Lateral resistance

This particular test aims at the strength of the zipper tape. The lateral resistance is taken on about 2.5cm. of the zipper tape. At 90 degrees of the elements of the zipper and on both sides pressure at the same time. This check is about determining the strength of the general zipper. Method: With the zipper closed, you need to apply a force at a right angle to the belt in both directions.

Lateral resistance of the bottom stop

The resistance of the zipper bottom stop of the closed or open zipper is checked. It is taken on the tape at the height of the zipper stops. A pressure should be applied at 90 degrees from the zipper stop and on both sides.

Slider holding capacity

This test is used for checking the resistance of zipper slider. Hold the zipper at the bottom, pull the slider and drag to the top zipper stopper. The fixing resistance is measured by pulling the handle firmly.

Holding capacity of the lower area

The strength of the lower stop and the elements of the zipper are checked. Drag the slider down to the lower stop opening the teeth in opposite directions.

Lock slider capability

In this case, the resistance capacity of the interior blocking elements of the slider is measured. Slide the slider towards the centre of the zipper opening the rest towards the ends.

Puller resistance

The puller capacity is measured by applying a force at 90º and 45º with respect to the slider.

Element resistance

To check the resistance of the zipper teeth. It is done by applying a force at 90 ° of the tooth of the rack.

The REACH legislation of the European Community that affects the chemical substances related to the zippers are lead, heavy metals, nickel, phthalate and azos dyes.

In addition, the zipper must be resistant to the corrosion and be free of burrs and edges.

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