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Learn to choose the right metal zipper for you

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Learn to choose the right metal zipper for you

Compared with cheap nylon zipper and common resin zipper, durable metal zipper is stronger and is mostly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks. But the service life of metal zipper also depends on correct use. Today, we will talk about how to choose and use the right metal zips.

Selection of metal zipper


When choosing metal zipper, you should match the color of clothes or backpacks. And dark color fabrics cannot match metal zippers with light colors.

Zipper teeth

Usually zipper teeth are electroplated and colored. When purchasing, you must pay attention to whether the surface is evenly plated, whether there is any coloration, and whether the zipper is smooth when pulling up and down. After the zipper is closed, it is necessary to observe whether the left and right teeth are engaged with each other. Asymmetric metal zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of the zipper.

Pull head

The metal zipper pull head has many shapes, and the finished product should be opened freely. When choosing, you should try whether the zipper can't be pulled up or closed. Usually the sliders on the market all have a self-locking device, after the zipper is closed, it is necessary to check whether the zipper will slide down after the lock is fixed. And the top and bottom stop must be tightly fastened to zip teeth or clamped on zip teeth.

Cloth tape

Since the raw material of metal zipper tape is composed of polyester thread, core thread and other different types of thread, its weight and coloring are different, and it is easy to produce color difference on the same zipper. So you should choose the cloth with uniform dyeing and no turbidity. And cloth tape should be match with zipper.

Tips to use metal zippers

1. When pulling the metal zipper, you must first bring the teeth on both sides close, the tops must be aligned, and then gently pull the metal zipper along the track without pulling too hard.

2. When moving the metal zipper head, be careful not to twist the placket or cloth edge into the metal zipper and avoid causing teeth crooked or out of teeth.

3. If the metal zipper is difficult to pull, do not pull it hard. You can apply some wax or soap on the metal zipper before pulling.

4. If the single teeth of the metal zipper head are divergent and worn loose, you can use small pliers to gently clamp the closed end of the metal zipper head horizontally. The metal zipper will immediately become better, and the single teeth will be tight and no longer loose.

5. Avoid contact with humid environment to prevent the metal zipper from being oxidized, rusted and discolored.

6. Avoid contact with rubber bands, since the rubber band containing sulfide will vulcanize and blacken metal chain teeth when the metal zipper is bundled with rubber bands.

7. Clean and dry in time after washing to avoid the dye or residual chemicals in the fabric undergoing oxidation-reduction reaction with metal parts, since it may cause discoloration of metal parts.

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