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Proper maintenance of the drysuit zippers

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Proper maintenance of the drysuit zippers

Being a cold-water diver means knowing that a drysuit zipper is essential for keeping you warm and dry under water, that is, being indispensable for the well-functioning of the suit. However, a drysuit is a significant investment that can cost $1,000 and up, and the zipper price of a good drysuit will not be cheap. If you do not correctly maintain the drysuit zipper, then it won’t be able to have a long or even normal service life. And the cost of the negligence is rather expensive.

Now let’s talk through some of the things that can be done to avoid the unnecessary spending.

Clean the Drysuit

The suit always needs a good wash to make sure there’s no remains of sea salt and other contamination in the zipper after each use. A good cleaning means you are supposed to wash off the drysuit inside and out to make sure the remaining sand and dirt along with other contaminants from the diving is entirely washed out. And remember to be extra thorough when it comes to the parts around the zipper. Plus, never force to zip it up if a piece of dirt gets stuck in it. Or it might turn from a stuck zipper to a broken zipper. Just clean it up and then do the zipping, or an amount of money will be cost to pay the irrational move.

Store the Drysuit

One is still not allowed to loosen up after cleaning. If the storage is done improperly, the harm to a drysuit zipper can still be significant. Two things that should always to prevent - high temperatures and humidity. So you should store the drysuit in a cool and dry place.

Another thing to keep in mind about the storing is that the zipper should not be folded in too many places. The best way is the upright position, meaning to place it on a hanger. And depending on the materials that make the zipper, drysuits with metal zippers need to be stored with zippers open and those with plastic zippers need to be stored with zippers closed.

If you know the drysuit will be idled for a while, a few extra steps can be taken to take good care of it. One of the most important steps is to apply lubricant on the zippers. It can be specially designed or just bees wax. The use of wax is only effected by the types of zippers - metal or plastic zippers. Do not apply wax on the plastic zipper teeth.

If you are a drysuit or zipper manufacturer, company or supplier, make sure to share these tips with your end-users to prolong the service life of the drysuits.

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