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Skills to Teach Children to Use Zippers

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Skills to Teach Children to Use Zippers

Because of work reasons, some parents have to let the baby go to kindergarten for full care in advance. But they will be very worried about the baby’s clothes and meals in the kindergarten. For example, if the babies are less than 3 years old, especially when they wear clothes with shining metal zippers or colored nylon zipper, they don’t know how to pull zippers. Or when your child can put on the jacket by himself, he will very much want to learn how to zip up the jacket. However, this problem may be a bit complicated, and it takes some time to learn. Then how to teach children to pull the zipper for jacket? Is there any skill to let children learn quickly? Here we will share with you some methods for your reference, and hope that it will be helpful for the parents.

Usually kids don’t like wearing jackets with nylon coil zippers before they don’t know how to use them. But when they know how to use it, they will like to wear the clothes with beautiful metal zippers, because they like to play with zippers and feel it is funny and interesting when pulling them. Even some kids will be very happy when they pull them up and down. If you want to let children learn quickly, you had better to understand the structure of the simple zipper product.

Understand the structure of the zipper

You probably won’t use all of the following terms when teaching your kids to pull a zipper. Maybe you will say something like "Okay, now pull this down." However, the following zipper terms will help you understand what the terms mean, so that you can explain the whole process to your baby.

Chain teeth: it is the tooth-like part distributed on the left and right sides of the zipper.

Bolt: it is a long and narrow rectangular part below one end of the chain tooth.

Socket: it is the square part below the other end of the chain teeth.

Slider: it is a mechanical device that can move up and down. When the small zipper slider is at the bottom, it should be just above the socket.

Pull tab: connected to the slider, used to pull the slider.

After you understand the zipper structure clearly, you may teach your kids how to use it. The steps are as below.

1. First of all, teach him how to align the zipper pulls. And connect the bottom of the zipper and let the child pull it back and forth several times by himself to master the angle and strength of the zipper.

2. You had better to choose the one with a larger pulling head to let kids practice. After pulling the zipper to the bottom, let the metal zipper head stop at the bottom, and let the child use hand to take out the movable end from the zipper head. And then put the movable end into the metal zipper puller. After practicing a few more times, the child can try to do it on his own.

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