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The Maintenance Skills of Backpack Zipper

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The Maintenance Skills of Backpack Zipper

In daily life, backpack is the necessity for people, especially for people who like travel or climb. Though simple backpack zipper is one of the small components, it is also a key part of various handbags, bags, and clothes. If the zipper is broken, the backpack cannot use any more until you repair it or replace a new zipper for backpack. So, the small zipper product can affect the overall use, no matter it is backpack or clothes. If you know some tips and methods for maintaining zippers, it can extend zippers service life. In this article, we will tell you some maintenance methods and common maintenance techniques of zippers.

Zipper maintenance skills


1. In normal use, you should pay attention to whether the zipper has "broken belly", "out of teeth", crookedness and other defects. These defects should be repaired in time, and you should not pull hard it any more. If the zipper is loose or out of teeth, you can use a small hammer to gently tap the metal zipper head a few times to make the upper and lower chain teeth bite tighter, so that the zipper teeth will no longer be out of teeth.

2. Aluminum alloy zippers are more susceptible to corrosion, so they should be kept dry to prevent the aluminum zip teeth from generating white oxides, which will cause the zippers to rust and affect the use. At the same time, be careful that do not let it contact with alkaline or acidic substances. Ensure a certain degree of ventilation during storage. And do not store in a sealed or humid environment. Of course, you may use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier when necessary. If the zipper gets damp and becomes astringent when it is pulled up, at this time, first expose the zipper to the sun, and then apply some wax on the teeth of the zipper, and finally bake it with fire, so that it will be very lubricated when used.

3. When pulling the zipper, you should first align the teeth on both sides, then pinch the zipper head and gently pull it forward along the track. Do not pull hard, so as to cause "teeth crooked", "broken belly" and "out of teeth". If the zipper is astringent and the pulling is not flexible, you can wipe it with a cloth first, and then apply a layer of white wax on the "teeth".

4. Here reminder that all kinds of bags, pockets or wallets with zippers should not be overfilled, otherwise the beautiful metal zippers or nylon coil zippers will easily cause "broken belly", "out of teeth", crookedness and soft cloth etc.

5. Sometimes the zipper can't be opened, or can't be pulled halfway, and you need to check whether the teeth of the zipper are crooked. If the zipper teeth are crooked, you can first use a steel needle to straighten them, and let them level, and then use a mallet to gently flatten the zipper teeth, and the zipper will work well.

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