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The assemble process of nylon zippers

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The assemble process of nylon zippers

We know that nylon zippers are assembled by nylon coils. The left side and right side with same model number, specifications and nylon zipper teeth can be assembled together and become a complete nylon zipper.

Features of nylon zippers

Generally speaking, zippers are divided into three categories: metal zippers, resin zippers, and nylon zippers according to the material of the zipper. And nylon zipper teeth are made of nylon monofilament through heating and pressing. It is composed of die winding centerline. Compared with metal zippers and resin zippers, nylon zippers have the characteristics of low cost, large output and high penetration rate.

Nylon zippers can be used in various occasions, and they are generally used on sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, and tents. Usually nylon zipper sliders are painted, and sometimes are electroplated. The material of nylon zipper is mainly polyester, the cost is relatively low, so, many zipper purchasers would like to buy them from market.

material of nylon zipper

Dimension of nylon zippers

Usually there are little difference caused by the elasticity for dimension, but it can be acceptable only the tolerance is in the international standards, since the zipper teeth and nylon coil are produced by different batches. Generally speaking, the size of outer zipper is larger 0.3 – 0.5cm than that of inner zipper, which can make sure a better mutual assembly effect in order to not affect the appearance of the garment.

When installing nylon zippers on fabric, you may follow below steps.

1. Prepare nylon zipper and the fabric that needs to be zippered.

2. The place where the zipper needs to be installed with a seam allowance of 1.5 cm wide, and then separate the seam allowances and iron them out. If you don't need to install zippers on the entire seam, then the stitch length used for this section of the seam without zippers should be finer, and the starting and ending positions should be fixed with reverse stitches.

3. Align the nylon zipper with the front side down and the seam allowance in the center, and turn the fabric to the front, attach the unilateral presser foot for sewing the zipper to the sewing machine, and then push the presser foot down to the right side of the needle, start from the right side of the nylon zipper opening, and press a strip on the fabric with a seam allowance of 0.7 cm line.

4. When you finish sewing on one side and prepare to sew the other side, take a look at the position of the bottom zipper covering iron. If you can avoid it, you can directly turn 90 degrees and let the needle cross the top of the zipper and turn to the other side to start sewing.

5. If the covering iron is just right at the turning position, then you have to push the presser foot down to the left of the needle, and start sewing the open thread on the left from the opening. For the novices, you may use a hand sewing needle to fix the zipper firstly in order to guarantee satisfactory results.

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