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The invention of world’s one handed zipper

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The invention of world’s one handed zipper

Zippers have a wide range of applications in our everyday life. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, besides the zippers themselves we also constantly meet a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement, which is the time we fix the zipper ourselves. The zippers and the minor incidents they cause are both like sunshine and water now in our life. Even though, I think most people would agree that zippers indeed make our life much much more convenient. But that was all speaking for sound people. Do you ever have inconvenience when you broke your arm? Have you ever wondered why there isn’t a zipper that can be zipped and unzipped with only one hand?

It took quite a long time but someone has finally invented the one handed zipper.

Not until 14 years ago had Scott Peters, an engineer, given zippers any thoughts more than any other people. The most troublesome incident caused by zippers is just a stuck zipper waits for his repair. But not for his uncle Dave, who was diagnosed with a condition that the whole body’s muscles face a gradual deterioration, the most fundamental move such as zip up a coat had become extra challenging for him. So Peter’s mom, an occupational therapist, asked Peter if he could do anything to be of help. That was when someone started looking into this problem for the first time - that zippers are actually painful to use for a lot of people.

The first move for him was the fastener part. He used a magnet to glue the zipper slider and the two rows of zipper teeth. But that wasn’t enough. He then found out another problem, that is the zipper didn’t separate easily, neither for mental zippers nor plastic zippers.

The key was that zipping and unzipping requires the two zipper teeth to be aligned perfectly. With the help of a friend who is a designer, Peters figured out how to re-shape the grooves so that the latching mechanism functions as an instant “catch and hook” system, locking the slider in the proper position. After about 25 prototypes, Peters and his team finally perfected a zipper that houses magnets of just the right strength and has a self-latching and unlatching feature that also allows enough leverage for the user to pull it up with one hand.

With a satisfactory demo product to shop around, Peters began pitching his concept to clothing and apparel companies. Before long, zipper manufacturer got in touch in hopes of refining his idea and bringing his, when you really think about it, long overdue innovation to the market. Interested buyers will soon be able to find jackets and other outerwear featuring the on hand zipper.

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