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The precautions you should know before purchasing metal zipper

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The precautions you should know before purchasing metal zipper

In people's daily life, clothes are things that must be worn every day. Students' schoolbags with nylon zippers must be carried every day. Basically, there will be a zipper design on both clothing and schoolbags. The zipper can not only help the clothes fit the bag tightly, but also make it easy to use. However, the zipper is easy to break with the use of a period of time, so buying a zipper has become one of the daily problems of people. Compared with nylon zippers and resin zippers, sturdy chunky metal zippers are mostly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks.

Because it is often used in jeans, jackets and backpacks, the size of metal zippers are relatively large, such as 12 inch metal zips for bags, 26 inch metal separating zippers, 28 inch metal jacket zipper, etc.

Composition of Metal Zipper

According to the type, metal zippers are divided into closed metal zippers, detachable metal zippers, double closed zippers and double open zippers. The composition of the metal zipper is also composed of cloth belt, microphone teeth, slider, and limit code.

metal zipper pull

Composition of Metal Zipper

The material of metal zipper tape is generally fiber tape, cotton webbing or polyester fiber tape. Different materials can be selected according to different purposes.

Metal zippers are mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy and other materials. The color of the microphone teeth on the metal zipper is electroplated. If stored improperly, the microphone teeth will turn black and contaminate the clothing. For copper alloy zipper microphone teeth, oxidation is prone to occur. Therefore, ventilation is required when storing the antique brass zipper.

The colors of metal zipper pull are green bronze, red bronze, white plated, yellow plated, black nickel, black and white nickel, and matt silver. Under normal circumstances, the color of the metal slider is required to be the same as the color of the microphone teeth of the metal zipper.

How to Choose a Metal Zipper?

The zipper body is made of metal material with alloy effect and durable characteristics. The zipper slider is made of metal and nylon. In this regard, we should pay attention to the following aspects: whether to thicken the slider processing? Does it feel smooth and does not hurt your hands? Is it a non-locking slider for daily use? Metal zippers are often used in jeans and denim clothes.

When buying a zipper, we should pay attention to the manufacturing process of the metal zipper. For example, the common hanging electroplating white makes the color brighter. If it is an electrophoretic spray painting process, it is important to pay attention to whether the spray paint is even and smooth.

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