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The proper way to use metal zipper

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The proper way to use metal zipper

Metal zipper is a kind of zipper, which refers to a zipper whose microphone teeth are made of copper, brass, cupronickel or aluminum. Compared with nylon coil zippers and resin zippers, metal zippers are stronger and are mostly used in jeans, jackets and backpacks. Metal zippers are the primary choice for all kinds of casual clothing and mid-to-high-end luggage. Because it is often used in the above-mentioned places, the size of the metal zipper is relatively large. Do not use metal zippers on any curved applications. This will result in uneven force applied on both sides of the zipper, resulting in loosening and deflection of the tooth elements.

There are many choices of metal zipper, such as antique brass zipper, black metal zipper, metal invisible zipper, etc. Improper use of these zippers will cause some failures and shorten their life.

metal coat zippers

The taboo of metal zippers on fabrics

Metal zippers are not suitable for silk fabrics that are easy to fluff. Dark metal zippers are not recommended for light-colored fabrics. Ordinary clothing products are inadequately cleaned after dyeing. The acidic compounds remaining on the dyed fabric can easily chemically react with the metal zipper and stain the fabric. Therefore, please use clothing that has been completely cleaned of oxidants or thoroughly washed. The size of metal zippers is divided into 3#, 4#, 5#, 7# and 8#, etc. The size of the zipper varies according to the size of the microphone's teeth. For fabrics weighing more than 12 ounces, more than 4# and Y-cutting teeth are used to minimize the possibility of damage and failure. Metal zippers generally indicate special uses and requirements.


There are many shapes of metal zipper pull heads. The finished product can be small and delicate, or rough and majestic. But no matter what kind of slider it is, it is important to check whether the slider is freely opened. Sometimes the zipper cannot be pulled up or closed. All sliders on the market have a self-locking device. So after pulling up the zipper, check whether the zipper will slide down after the lock head is fixed. Electroplated zipper sliders are more durable than metal zipper painted sliders. The paint slider is easy to fall off under the influence of friction, exposing the zinc alloy. The zinc alloy and the copper in the washing powder solution are prone to electrolytic reaction, which causes the zipper to change color.


In order to prevent oxidation and discoloration of metal zippers, chemical reagents used to remove rust, oil or dirt cannot be sprayed directly on handbag zipper pulls and metal coat zippers.


The zipper must not be in direct contact with the iron. When ironing with an iron or a garment ironing machine, you need to cover the surface of the microphone's teeth with a piece of cloth/paper. The purpose of this is to prevent the protective layer from melting and staining clothes due to high temperatures.

The airtight plastic bag packaging will oxidize and discolor the metal fittings. Do not place the ironed product in a humid environment or directly in the sun.

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