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The real effectively method to remove the rust smell of metal zipper

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The real effectively method to remove the rust smell of metal zipper

The metal zipper is made of aluminum alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy and other materials. If the microphone teeth on the electroplated metal zipper are not stored properly, the microphone teeth will turn black and make the clothes look unsightly. The teeth of the copper clothing zipper have been oxidized for a long time. For copper alloy zipper microphones that are easily oxidized, ensure a certain degree of ventilation when storing, and do not store them in a sealed manner. You can rub a little white oil or clean mechanical oil on the zipper teeth, and then pull it back and forth a few more times. Or put a little candle oil on the teeth of the zipper, preferably melted candle oil.

Causes of Discoloration of Metal Zippers

Cupronickel metal zippers, copper metal zippers and brass metal zippers will change color.

Metal zippers of metal products or wool products will cause some of the teeth to become black due to metal oxidation. The reason lies in the cooked skin agent for the manufacture of leather and the processing bleaching agent on woolen products. When the bleaching agent or the cooked leather agent remains on the product during the processing, the product gas will cause the metal zipper to change color.

Metal zippers bundled with rubber bands will also change color.

The rubber band itself contains sulfides. When a metal zipper is bundled with a rubber band, the metal chain teeth will be vulcanized.

Metal coat zippers will cause discoloration when they come into contact with acidic compounds or chromium compounds.

metal zipper tape

How to Prevent Metal Zipper from Getting Damp?

How to prevent metal zipper from being damp, oxidized, rusted and discolored?

The metal zipper should avoid contact with humid environment. Use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier when necessary.

Metal zippers will cause some of the microphone teeth to turn black due to metal oxidation and impregnation.

Avoid metal zipper contact with rubber bands. Because the rubber band itself contains sulfide.

Metal zippers for jeans should be cleaned and dried in time after washing. Dyestuffs or residual chemicals in clothing fabrics undergo oxidation-reduction reactions with metal parts, which may cause discoloration of metal parts.

When there is a dizzying metallic smell on the metal zipper for new knitted jacket, how to remove the smell? You can rub a little white oil or clean mechanical oil on the zipper teeth, or apply a little candle oil on the zipper teeth, preferably melted candle oil. It is useful to apply soap to the metal zipper to deodorize and lubricate.

After washing the clothes, soak them in a soaking liquid of fragrance-type clothes, and the clothes will have a light fragrance when they are dried.

The zipper on the clothes smells of rust. What should we do? If there is a slight rust mark, you can wipe it with a silver wiping cloth. If the metal zipper tape is used frequently or for a long time, it is easy to rust. You might as well use lubricant or soap to wipe it on the zipper. In this way, not only can the zipper be prevented from rusting, but also the flexibility of the zipper can be maintained.

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