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The way the fire resistant zipper works

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The way the fire resistant zipper works

The fire resistant zipper, or fire-proof zipper is supposed to demonstrate outstanding functional performances in heat resilient and flame resistant. And are they going to achieve that? The key point is during the zipper manufacturing process where special treatments will be added to the zippers to bring about its specific function. Other than that, there are not much to talk about such as the structure of it, just tape, zipper teeth, zipper slider, the top end and other components of a zipper.

The teeth

On the whole, we need to discuss which material to choose can ensure the performance on the largest scale since nobody wants anything to go wrong when a fire fighter is doing his/her job. Taking that into consideration, we can rule out the nylon and plastic zipper since these two kinds of raw materials will actually reduce the tensile strength of the zipper. Thus as for the material, metal teeth zipper is the best choice to make a flame resistant zipper. To be more sure of its functional performance, flame retardation will be coated on the teeth.

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The tape

On the contrary to the teeth, when it comes to the tape making, we only need to focus on adding the flame resistance to it. The first way is to add the flame retardant proportion to the very raw materials that make the tape itself. The bright side to this method is that its cheap but the drawback would be weakening the strength of the finished product. So another choice for zipper manufacturers is to use fiber cloth with flames resistance to weave the tape. That can have good influence on the zipper strength only with a higher cost. Special layer coated on the surface of zipper tape can help to improve the flames resistance as well.

The slider

Slider is constitutionally flame-resistant since its made of the same raw material as the tape. And now, to electroplate it is an ideal way to process it to make it function better for flame resistant zipper.

In addition to flame resistance and strength, flame resistant zipper should also ensure that frequent washing and long-time placement will not affect its flame resistance performance.

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