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What You Should Know about the Standards of Zipper Quality?

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What You Should Know about the Standards of Zipper Quality?

Zippers are widely used in modern life. They are so important that we sometimes couldn’t afford to have “zipper situations”. Such as the backpack that carries necessities when we go out, we don’t want a broken zipper or a zipper to detach from the tab when there is no to do the zipper repair or zipper replacement. So there are certain standards we need to know to help us determine the quality of zippers.

There are basically two aspects when we talk about zipper quality in China. The two kinds of standards used in the zipper industry in China that are formed of National Standard and Industry Standard. The first one would be the overall quality of the product. For instance, how stable certain batch of zipper products are for a rather long time and how much is the qualified rate of the whole batch of products. The second is more definitive, like the technical parameters of zippers and their physical properties. We can usually tell the management stage of the zipper manufacturer from the first aspect and the general excellence of the factory.

The overall quality

The quality standards of zippers are consist of GB/T18746-2002 zipper terminologies (mainly determine the definition, form, type, size and specification of zipper components, and the physical property of zippers) and QB/T2171 ~2173- 2001 zipper standards (define the standards for metal zippers, plastic zippers and nylon zippers.

Standards for physical properties of zippers

The physical properties of zippers mainly mean their mechanical property, with the strength index as the core, determining zipper’s application range and durability. The strength index is clearly defined as the main basis for testing the quality of zipper products in domestic and foreign zipper standards.

In Chinese standards as we mentioned before, there are 12 indexes for metal zippers and plastic zippers, and 10 indexes for nylon zippers because nylon zipper teeth are continuous.

4 indexes for slider: zipper slider and puller pull-off strength, resistance to twist of puller and slider, slider deflection strength, holding strength of slider lock

1 index for tape: chain crosswise, single element slippage strength (metal zipper and plastic zipper)

4 indexes for functional accessory: holding strength of top zipper stop, holding strength of bottom zipper stopper, open end chain crosswise strength, pin/box slippage strength

2 comprehensive indexes for zipper: tap pull-off strength, reciprocation test (double)

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