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What are the Applications of Water/Airtight Zipper?

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What are the Applications of Water/Airtight Zipper?

Zipper is a common product in people's daily life, which can be used in backpacks, suitcases, special clothing, etc. Traditional zipper products are made of metal or plastic materials, and they are not waterproof, which will cause inconvenience to use in the products that require waterproof performance. For example, if the waterproof performance of the zipper is not good enough for outdoor waterproof luggage, rainwater will easily enter the luggage through the joint of the zipper. Then what are the applications of water / airtight zipper?

The classification

Generally speaking, waterproof zipper belongs to a branch of nylon zipper, which is a nylon zipper with some special treatments. Commonly used special treatment methods include attaching PVC film, attaching TPU film, waterproofing agent soaking and so on. The main material used for the PVC film waterproof zipper is PVC, which main component is polyvinyl chloride. TPU film is a film made of TPU pellets through a special process. It inherits the excellent physical properties of TPU and has a wide range of applications. Because TPU overcomes many defects of PVC, TPU waterproof zipper is also superior in performance than PVC waterproof zipper. The characteristics of the coated waterproof zipper are no shedding, no whitening, and low temperature resistance to minus 70 degrees Celsius, and they are environmental protection, softness, and have good water resistance.

Technical principle

Usually it is made of a strong glue line zipper on a high-strength fabric. Each half of the coil is tightly embedded in the plastic contour. When the zipper is closed, the upper and lower sealing mouths are tightly closed to form an absolute seal. The entire plastic surface is highly resistant to wear. The special design prevents the sealing mouth from sliding open or when it is open or closed. And the physical design of the zipper increases the strength of the seal when the pressure increases or when there is a pulling force to both sides. These two items result in an increase in the mechanical pressure at the top of the sealing lip.

The applications

We know that the main purpose of the waterproof nylon zipper is to play a waterproof function when it encounters rainwater. The most important thing is that the waterproof zipper film cannot tear, which is directly related to the service life of the waterproof zipper. Therefore, waterproof zippers are widely used in different fields and different products such as cold-proof clothing, ski clothing, down jackets, sailing suits, diving suits, tents, vehicle and boat covers, raincoats, motorcycle raincoats, waterproof shoes, firefighting clothing, luggage, jackets, fishing clothing and other waterproof related products etc. The detailed applications are as following:

Dry, semi-dry diving suit

Water sports clothing

Tent, detachable cover

Protective clothing includes casual, daily safety and industrial applications.

The movable container used for storage and transportation of electronic equipment, documents, and machinery and instrument bags.

Used for some inflatable items such as advertising balloons and large inflatable toys etc.

Backpacks for various other outdoor activities, such as cycling, biking, sailing, hiking, rock climbing, etc.

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