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What are the trending fashion of zipper clothing

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What are the trending fashion of zipper clothing

Zipper, Avant-garde Element of Fashion Design

The service life of the garment zipper bag, the design and layout, and the quality of the craft details directly affect the user's perception of the advertising investment company and brand image. This kind of advertising-style clothing zipper bag is a high-quality mobile billboard.

Zippers are often used as fasteners or seals on dresses, bags and other fabric products. In addition to basic functions, the role of zippers in the fashion industry is by no means limited to this. High-end designers use zippers as a design element of clothing. Modern zippers can use almost all kinds of materials and all imaginable colors. The metal zippers on the market are mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy and other materials. White metal zipper, antique brass zipper and black metal zipper are all popular for their finishes. Plastic zipper and nylon coil zipper have unique design elements.

Nowadays, zippers can be hidden in clothing or exposed outside. The zipper is a fashion and design element, not just a simple closure or fastener.

The punk or rock music industry tends to favor metal zippers on clothing, such as metal zippers for leather jackets, metal zippers for jeans, and metal zippers for leather skirts. Metal zippers replace chains and are widely used in leather clothing, adding to the personal charm of rock singers.

A simple black dress with visible red zipper on the back adds a different kind of charm. Some clever designers used separate zippers to turn a long evening dress into a mini dress.

Zipper Aesthetics Reflected in Clothing

Compared with buttons, zippers still dominate. Zippers have become one of the most common accessories in modern clothing. A zipper is a connecting piece that relies on continuously arranged chain teeth to merge or separate items. Now it is widely used in clothing, bags, tents, etc. At first, the zipper provided a convenient and quick way to open and close. Nowadays, zippers have been given more functions and even become a popular design element with unique aesthetics.

1. The beauty of symmetry

The teeth of the zipper are arranged continuously and evenly on both sides, combined or separated by symmetrical sliders. This represents a symmetrical and simple beauty. In fact, the slider can be designed into a special shape according to requirements. The density of clothing zipper bags has a certain distance, and some have fine workmanship and high density contrast. The embroidered zipper pouch, glitter zipper pouch and small round zipper pouch match with the clothing.

2. The beauty of lines

The change of lines can express the vivid and rich visual language of clothing. The beautiful lines of zippers of different materials can add charm to clothing.

The zipper can be placed on the pocket decoration, contour, shoulder line, lapel, waist line and other parts to increase the visual impact. The lines of the zipper divide the surface of the garment into different shapes.

3. The beauty of materials

The zipper was originally made of metal. Plastic zippers and nylon zippers have also entered our vision. Nowadays, the materials of zippers also include aluminum zippers and stainless steel zippers.

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