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What is the difference between reverse loop zipper, hidden zipper and reversible zipper?

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What is the difference between reverse loop zipper, hidden zipper and reversible zipper?

When you buy a zipper for the first time, are you confused by the classification of zippers? There are big differences in the number of teeth, sizes, styles, and uses of zippers. The three special zippers we share for everyone, although their functions and designs are unique, are easy to confuse you. They are: reverse-rolled zippers, hidden zippers, and reversible zippers.  

Invisible zipper

The standard concealed zippers most commonly used on women's skirts or dresses are also called concealed zippers, whose elements are hidden behind tape. Only the zipper pieces can be seen in this kind of zipper, and its small slider allows the use of a limited range of zipper sliders.

This type of zipper produces a clean effect when sewn into the seam of a skirt or dress. If you look closely at the hidden zipper, you will find various folds on the zipper tape. These folds allow the sewer to be sewn along the seam line better. Concealed zippers usually use lighter lace.

Reverse coil zipper

Are the teeth/elements of the zipper visible? If the front of the zipper with its teeth, sliders and sliders are completely visible, then this is an ordinary coil zipper. If the loops on the same zipper are displayed on the reverse side, and the slider works on the flatter side of the zipper, it is a reverse loop zipper (a variation of the loop zipper).

Comparing the reverse coil zipper and the normal coil zipper, you can see the stitches on the reverse coil zipper on the front, and the slider allows the use of various sliders. The reverse coil zipper can be used for waterproofing or waterproofing with PVC or rubber coating.

Double-sided zipper

Although reversible and reverse sound similar, reversible zippers are very different from reverse coil zippers. Unlike the reverse coil zipper, which does not expose the teeth from the front, the reversible zipper is designed to be operated from both the front and the back. Its pull tab can be flipped along the rotating guide rail to the other side of the slider. These different zippers are perfect for reversible projects.

Through our introduction, do you understand the difference between the above three types of zippers? Follow us to learn more about metal separating zippers, bronze zipper, heavy duty brass zippers and metal invisible zipper. Welcome to consult our professional sales consultants for more detailed information, and look forward to your inquiry.

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