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What's the difference between a tail zipper and a closed zipper

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What's the difference between a tail zipper and a closed zipper

Separate open ended metal zips for jackets have pins and sockets at the bottom of the zipper. Separate open-end metal zippers for jackets are usually made of metal, coils, and plastic, and are often used in jackets, coats, and so on. Instead of a separate type, the zipper is installed at the bottom to prevent the heavy duty brass zippers from separating. This type of zipper is usually made of metal, coil, invisible, and plastic, and is often used in dresses, pants, skirts, etc.

Here we suggest you keep two points in mind when buying metal zippers by the yard. First, when you are measuring the zipper, it means measuring the distance between the stops. Such as 22 inch metal jacket zipper and 28 inch metal jacket zipper. You ought to try to buy a zipper that is longer than you need, because it is easy to cut and lengthen. Second, you can cut both coils and invisible zippers with a sewing machine, but metal and plastic zippers must be cut with special tools.

Perhaps when you meet a new customer, they may think that there is no need to learn so much professional knowledge about the metal zips for bags. But in fact, we ought to understand the zippers that are easily overlooked in daily life, and then make better choices for the zippers.

First, let's take a look at open-end zippers, which are usually used where the two sides need to be completely separated. Let’s take an example of a jacket to make it easier for you to understand. The bottom of the zipper needs to be inserted with a zipper puller, and then the white metal zipper can be closed by pulling the puller upwards.

When you are using an open-end metal coil zipper, you need to pay attention to two points. First, if the latch of the zipper or the box is damaged or falls off, it is almost impossible to repair. Since the latch and the box are installed mechanically, it is impossible to use the zipper to restore the latch and the box manually because they will still fall off. Second, if you need to shorten the open-end zipper, please do not cut the latch and box directly, but cut the zipper from above by removing the stopper on the top of the zipper. Some customers cut the latch and the box before cutting the zipper and then asked us to install a new latch and box. Unfortunately, once the latch and box are cut, they cannot be reattached.

Next, we look at the closed-end metal teeth zippers, which is usually used when the two sides do not need to be separated. For example, the zipper of trousers, the bottom of the zipper is to prevent the slider from falling off the chain teeth, and it is very simple to use. Nevertheless, you still need to be aware that closed-end zippers cannot be converted to open-end zippers. Some customers accidentally bought the wrong zipper when buying, but in the end, they can only buy a new open-end zipper.

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