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What to be cautious about when choosing zippers?

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What to be cautious about when choosing zippers?

At present, many products in daily necessities are installed durable metal zippers, such as jeans, jackets and different bags. During the use of the zipper, various abnormalities may occur due to incomplete knowledge of zipper product or some improper operations. Then what should be paid attention to when choosing metal zippers? Today we will talk about this issue.

durable metal zippers

1. Generally speaking, luxury metal zippers have different adaptability in different environments. What kind of products metal zipper is used for? Leather suitcases, shoes, ski jackets, raincoats, tents and jeans often use metal zippers. But for clothing which needs washing or leather products with higher acidity and other special requirements, you should pay attention to choose the suitable plated materials.

2. For the requirements of the zipper components, you should see if it needs to be free of AZO, no nickel, if it can pass the needle, and whether it needs a product environmental protection certificate, such as "Oeko-Tex Standard 100".

3. There are some issues that should be paid attention to when choosing. For example, metal zipper tape should be consistent with fabric. And the color fastness must be good, and metal zipper must be tested to confirm before sewing if it is large mass production.

4. Cotton garments with metal zippers will appear discoloration issue after dyeing, since the chemical reaction will occur between metal zipper teeth, slider and other metal parts after the acid or alkaline dyeing. So, you should choose metal zippers with plated film on the metal parts including metal zipper slider and teeth. Though sometimes it cannot completely guarantee that the zipper will not have a chemical reaction, you may make a sample for testing and confirm that the zipper is suitable for the garment production process before purchasing bulk goods.

durable metal zippers

5. White-plated nickel-free and rack-plated white nickel-free sliders are used for white cotton materials such as wool products that are easy to change color into yellow, or black, since they are not cleaned after bleaching and dyeing and caused by reaction with some chemical residues. You must pay attention to if it will be used on white cotton materials.

6. High-quality metal zipper manufacturers will have test reports for all kinds of metal zipper products so as to ensure that the quality must be passed. If the quality is not good, it is difficult to make the best products. Therefore, remember to review the test report of metal zipper from the manufacturer when purchasing.

7. Choose the suitable metal zipper manufacturers with good production workshop equipment and technical personnel. If the metal zipper manufacturer has too few technical personnel and the production equipment is too backward, the quality risk of the produced zipper will be relatively large. Therefore, if there are customers who have mass customized metal zipper orders, it is recommended to go to the factory to confirm and sign the contract.

8. Choose manufacturers with good after-sales service. If the metal zipper manufacturer does not have after-sales service after shipping, it will definitely bring a certain degree of trouble to the buyers.

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