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Why do matal zippers always discolor

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Why do matal zippers always discolor

Sturdy metal zippers are mostly used on jeans, jackets and backpacks. The metal zippers of open ended zips for jackets, metal zippers for jeans or metal zips for bags often change color. Why does the metal zipper change color? What are the bad effects? How can we prevent it?

The color of the metal zipper microphone teeth is often plated up as needed. The material of the cloth tape is generally fiber tape, cotton webbing or polyester fiber tape. Different materials can be selected according to different purposes.

The metal zippers on the market are mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy and other materials. Because the color of the microphone teeth on the metal zipper are all electroplated. If stored improperly, the microphone teeth will turn black and contaminate the clothing. The discoloration of copper alloy zipper is a chemical reaction that easily occurs when metal zipper is in contact with acid, alkali, oxidizing agent or reducing agent.

Causes of Discoloration of Metal Zippers

1. Copper alloy zipper

The reasons for the discoloration of metal zippers made of copper alloy (copper-nickel, copper, brass) are as follows:

When used on metal products or wool products, the antique brass zipper will cause some of the teeth to become black due to metal oxidation. This is because of the cooked skin agent for the manufacture of leather and the processing bleaching agent on woolen products. When the product remains on the product during processing, the product gas will cause discoloration of the metal zipper.

2. Metal zipper with rubber band

The reasons for the discoloration of the metal zipper bundled with rubber bands are as follows:

The rubber band contains sulfide. When a rubber band is used to bundle a metal zipper, the metal chain teeth will be vulcanized (blackened). When the acid compound or the chromium compound comes into contact, the metal zipper will change color.

3. Gold-plated zipper pull

Although the electroplated zipper head has been anti-rust treatment, it will still be oxidized. It is best to wrap the zipper head in copy paper.

electroplated zipper head

Preventive Measures

For copper alloy zipper microphones, oxidation is prone to occur, so ensure a certain degree of ventilation during storage. Do not store in a sealed or humid environment. Use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier when necessary.

The color of the metal zipper pull head is required to be the same as the color of the microphone teeth of the metal zipper.

Avoid contact with humid environments. Because the metal zipper will cause some teeth to become black due to metal oxidation and impregnation.

Avoid ironing clothes or sealing and packing them in plastic bags for a long time.

Clean and dry in time after washing. Because the dyes or residual chemicals in the fabric undergo an oxidation-reduction reaction with metal parts, it may cause discoloration of metal parts.

Be sure to close the zipper and fix the slider before using the washing machine or dryer.

Alkaline cleaners or chlorinated bleaches are forbidden, as they will dissolve the wax or oil coating on metal zippers for jackets.

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