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Why is metal zipper the first fashion choice for jeans?

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Why is metal zipper the first fashion choice for jeans?

Jeans, listed as the top of all-match clothing, can be said to be a star that never fades throughout the year. Jeans have more and more fabrics and colors, such as straight-leg pants and micro-flared pants to make women with thick legs look fit and slender. Tights can make fat people slim and thin people sexy.

The development of denim styles is also more diversified, fashionable and casual. A large number of accessories, hardware, leather, knitting, colored cloth splicing and other manufacturing processes are rapidly developed and used.

The version has also developed various new types from the earliest straight, including slim, straight, hakama harem, casual, business, one-piece, retro, horn, etc.

However, why do jeans mostly use metal zippers as fasteners? Here are some reasons and facts you should know.

Since the raw materials of metal zipper tapes are composed of different types of silk threads, such as polyester thread, suture thread, and core thread, their weight and coloring properties are different. Therefore, it is easy to produce color difference on the same zipper. At this time, when choosing the cloth tape, choose the uniform dyeing. The tapes made of different fabrics are mainly soft to the touch. The metal zippers on the market are mostly made of aluminum alloy, brass, cupronickel, zinc alloy and other materials. Therefore, metal zippers for jeans have many styles and colors, such as silver metal zipper, metal coil zipper, metal invisible zipper and so on.

1. Historical Reasons

The exact date of the birth of jeans is May 20, 1873. This kind of work pants is made of a kind of denim, which is reinforced during sewing, and new copper buttons are used on the trouser pocket and the trouser door. This wear-resistant style of trousers meets the demands of denim and gold miners in harsh environments. Metal jeans zippers are ideal fasteners.

2. Style

Compared with the heavy duty brass zipper of the same model, the metal zipper is slightly inferior in strength. But after some surface treatments, it has imitated copper and multi-color decoration. The metal jeans zipper has an elegant appearance. Metal zippers come in a variety of styles and finishes, such as copper, nickel, gold brass and aluminum.

Metal zipper teeth

3. Durability

Metal zippers are the more durable of all zippers. The wear-resistant metal zipper withstands harsh conditions including strong washing and other wear and tear. Even if the jeans are washed white, they are likely to remain strong and intact. Metal zipper teeth are rarely broken. The teeth of the metal zipper are also electroplated and colored. Metal zippers have also become an ideal choice for jeans manufacturers.

4. Flexibility

Compared with nylon and resin zipper, the flexibility of metal zipper is changeable. Although metal zippers are not as flexible as nylon zippers, they can withstand the pressure of walking without breaking or deforming due to their lateral tension. Regular waxing is necessary to prevent the teeth from sticking to each other.

Metal zippers have become a reserved item of jeans clothing because of their aesthetic properties and unique appearance. Chunky metal zippers can also be used in clothing, handbags, jackets, etc. due to their above characteristics.

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