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Why is metal zipper the most proper zipper for shoes

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Why is metal zipper the most proper zipper for shoes

In our daily lives, there are many shoes and boots with durable metal zippers, which will make shoes calm, elegant and decent look. We know that metal zippers look luxury, shoes with high-quality metal zippers will have good decorative effects, and will be adored by most of people, since they are appealing and distinctive. Usually there are many choices for styles and finishes of decorative metal zippers. You may see from the shoes collections of well-known fashion weeks and street styles in recent years. It can be said that luxury metal zippers for shoes are a head-turning fashion statement.

Why metal zipper is more suitable for shoes?

First of all, we must clearly understand and recognize the structure of the zipper. Usually the zipper is composed of a slider, a tooth, and a cloth belt. And it has three main materials including nylon, metal, and plastic. Generally speaking, there are two types of shoe zippers, one is iron-containing, and another is iron-free. The zippers with iron content cannot be detected by the needle detector. Therefore, copper is often used for metal zippers, and the replacement of copper improves the grade, but metal zipper price will increase relatively. Cheap coil zippers are light in weight, and the price is comparatively low, which are often used for clothes, beddings, bags and tents etc.

Secondly, metal zippers slider is good-looking, strong, and the tab is tight and not easily broken. For zippers on shoes, the slider cannot be too loose. Otherwise, it will cause other things to get stuck during use. The size of the slider should be easy to pull, unless special effects are needed, and the color of the slider must be uniform, and the thickness is consistent. Durable metal zippers slider can make shoes more beautiful and practical.

Finally, metal zipper teeth have good abrasion resistance, and they are hard enough. For too soft or too brittle teeth, they are easy to be broken if you apply force. Metal zipper teeth are often evenly staggered, and the shape of each tooth is consistent to ensure complete closure. A little bit of crooked teeth will inevitably affect the service life of shoes. When you try on zipper shoes and boots, you may use one hand to pull the zipper smoothly. So, judge whether the zipper on shoes is smooth enough and the hardness is enough, you just try it on and pull it. And nylon zippers or flexible plastic zippers are relatively soft and they are more suitable for soft fabric in order to ensure comfortable performance.

In addition, the tape of metal zipper is stronger, since soft and thin tape does not match with metal zipper and it does not look pretty. Otherwise, the function of the entire zipper will be completely scrapped when the tape starts to fall off. Of course, trying to feel and experience the quality of shoes and boots can greatly help you to choose good shoes and boots. And you can understand the value of a brand through the quality of the zipper of shoes and boots.

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