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Why should we avoid using aluminum zippers?

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Why should we avoid using aluminum zippers?

We can see many metal zippers on the market, such as brass zippers, nickel zippers, aluminum zippers, etc., with a variety of finishes. However, no matter compared with similar products, the price of aluminum zippers is competitive, so it is not recommended to use aluminum zippers because of their special characteristics. Here are 3 reasons why you should avoid aluminum zippers. We will also share some useful tips in case you want to choose these zippers to minimize the possibility of adverse effects.


Aluminum zippers are easily affected by temperature, humidity, collision, friction, acid and alkali substances. Aluminum zippers should not be subjected to harsh treatments such as rewashing and bleaching, because the chemicals involved in these processes can have adverse effects.


Trousers and jackets are usually washed during the finishing process. The strong alkali solvent used in this process may cause aluminum to be corroded due to its weak alkalinity (fastness). Special attention should be paid when chemicals such as silicic acid and soda are involved. In addition, after the product has been chemically treated, be sure to clean it thoroughly in time.

Migration susceptibility

Aluminum zippers are susceptible to friction. Therefore, metal dust is generated when the metal coil zipper is pulled, which causes migration. When metal dust comes into contact with the wax used to lubricate teeth, it may leave dark stains on the fabric. When aluminum zippers are used in light-colored fabrics, special care should be taken to prevent migration.

Important tips when buying zippers

Since zippers have different adaptability in different environments, the following should be specifically mentioned to the manufacturer when purchasing different zippers:

1. What kind of products the zipper is used for (such as suitcases, shoes, ski jackets, raincoats, tents, jeans that need washing or leather products with higher acidity) or other special requirements.

2. For the requirements of the zipper composition, whether it is necessary to be free of azo (AZO), free of nickel, or pass the needle detector.

3. 3#, 4#, 5# These refer to the number of the zipper, which is measured by the width of the zipper after it is closed. Simply put: the larger the number, the thicker the zipper. Usually the zippers on our jackets are 5#, 8# and 10# are considered special zippers, they are very rough, they need to be customized, and they are usually seldom used.

4. Aluminum alloy zippers are more susceptible to corrosion, so they should be kept dry and not damp to prevent the aluminum teeth from generating white oxides, which will cause the zippers to rust over time and affect the use. At the same time, be careful not to be alkaline Contact with acidic substances. Ensure a certain degree of ventilation during storage. Do not store in a sealed or humid environment. Use moisture-proof paper or dehumidifier when necessary.

There are many other alternative metal zippers, such as high-quality brass zippers or silver zipper to choose from. If you need any further help, you can consult our sales staff.

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