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Zippers kinds that cover all your needs for sewing

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Zippers kinds that cover all your needs for sewing

There are zippers on many items, such as metal teeth wallet zippers, nylon jacket zippers, metal zips for bags, translucent sunscreen resin zippers or pillowcase zippers. The zipper has a very critical function. If the zipper will break after being pulled up, the zipper will not have the necessary functions, which will greatly affect the application of the object.

How do you deal with a broken zipper? How to sew it or replace it completely? So here are some great zippers that can be added to your supplies.

When the zipper is pulled up, but the bottom pops open again, then the slider should be loose. At this time, you can use pliers to fix the two ends of the slider and tighten it in the middle. Repeat this several times until it feels tight.

If it does not work after a few times with pliers, then consider changing to a new slider. You can use pliers to remove the top two metal pieces of the cable, take the slider out from above, and then install the new slider from above, and reinstall the two metal pieces.

colorful plastic zipper

Precautions for Zippers

According to its materials, zippers are divided into nylon zippers, resin zippers and metal zippers. Each type of zipper has some things in common.

Cushions or children's wear are matched with small nylon coil zipper and sewing invisible zipper. The larger zipper is suitable for shells such as jackets or large bags.

The tooth zipper is hard and straight, strong and durable.

Reverse coil zipper and metal coil zipper provide flexibility. And durable metal zippers will not be very flexible. Colorful plastic zippers are easy to operate, but they are not as durable as metal zips for bags.

The following shows several kinds of zippers in various materials to meet all your sewing needs.

Color Sewing Zipper

There are nearly 120 different sizes of color sewing zippers. The nylon coil zipper has 20 different colors and multiple lengths. The zipper has a wide range of colors, covering almost all common colors. In this way, the zipper can be perfectly adapted to bags, shoes, clothes, luggage, etc. The zipper is made of high-quality materials, professionally dyed and non-toxic. Metal zipper pulls increase durability.

Bulk Brass Zipper

Size 10 coil zipper and 25 zipper sliders are on the option list. The zipper slider is made of high-quality antique brass plated. The zipper can be customized as required.

Black Nickel Jacket Zip

The black nickel jacket zipper is approximately 27 inches long. Its significant advantages are sturdiness, flexibility and durability. The zipper can be used to sew jackets, handbags or any other items. This material is easy to sew on textiles or leather.

Instant Zipper Clip and Quick Zipper Repair

The quick zipper holder has a universal size. There are three common zipper problems: broken zipper track, damaged slider, and even missing zipper teeth. The zipper made of nylon plastic does not contain BPA and other toxic chemicals. It can be easily installed without any tools.

Plastic zipper

The plastic zipper is about 13 inches long and comes in ten different colors. The colorful plastic zipper is made of plastic resin nylon with a pull loop. These cute zippers are perfect for bags and purses.

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